Spring Fever Auctions

For those of us in areas where Winter seems to last forever, the first auctions of the year can prove a real horror to the checkbook. I myself, have succumb to the raging heat of Spring Fever a number of times at those first auctions. If you have as well, then you know the sickening feeling of having purchased an old Kleenex or dirty sock for hundreds of dollars. Ok....it may be an exaggeration, but at the time that's what it seems like. You got caught up in the heat of the bidding, along with everyone else there, and bought a plastic dog dish for $20. It probably had teeth marks on it, too! You don't even have a dog!!! I have found that if I get to a second-hand store or consignment store a few times each winter, that can take the edge off. It keeps me thinking in terms of realistic purchase pricing, screaming deals, and good selling prices.

I guess I'm not really so sure that I'd trade those costly excursions, even though they can be, well, costly. There is just something about an auction! The adrenalin rush, trying to act cool when you want to run up to an item and holler, "Hands Off!! This One's Mine!!" Pretending to ignore a box of mystery stuff, when all you really want to do is paw through the thing to see what treasures are hidden at the bottom. It's a funny thing. Everyone acts the same and pretends that they're not. You watch how this one or that one is behaving around some old chair and then you have to, casually, work your way over to that chair, that you don't want or need, to see if they saw something special about it. Because, after all, there's always room in the truck for one little ol' chair.

Auctions can be really fun, if that person next to you would just..."STOP TALKING TO ME DURING THE BIDDING!". Seriously, though, it can be fun socially. We recognize some of our customers and auction regulars, and we make a practice of not bidding against them very often. Lots of them return the favor too. If it's the only item we came for, then that may be a different story. We do have to keep the inventory changing. Other local shop owners usually are respectful to us in that regard, as we are to them. It's just the nature of small rural area, I guess.

If there's a bloodthirsty bidder we just give them a wide berth. No one want to be near THAT person. One time I'd spent all day at a farm estate auction and had nothing to show for it due to a gal with seemingly endless resources and no problem cutting throats. She was like an evil Edward Scissors-Hands!! I finally decided on a tea set that was no way, no how, going home with her. I paid more than I could sell it for, but it just had to be done. Many other auction attendees, knowing I'd spent too much, actually congratulated me on getting something from her. They'd battled the same as me all day long. And it was H.O.T. hot that day. I laugh about it now, but will likely never do that again. It didn't really make me feel any better. I'm not the bloodthirsty sort. All that comes my way in life I consider a gift, so it shouldn't have been a surprise to me that I felt empty over that purchase.

Yep! I do love an auction. If I get in over my head on something, well, there's been plenty of wise choices that make up for it. Lots of us just have to take it easy, and watch out for those......Spring Fever Auctions!

Elizabeth Allison
The Other Place, ABC Shop -

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