Reopening My Shop After the Spring Thaw - Just a Few More Weeks!

I wonder what this selling season has in store for me. By mid-April I should be able to open my store, if the weather holds, and our Spring is kind to us.

Every year seems to bring a different favorite thing or must have that my customers seek. One year it was old enamelware/graniteware pots, pans, utensils etc... Then it was chickens. All manner of chickens. Glass, brass, ceramic, plastic, pictures of chickens, and more. Oh, there were special kinds of chickens, too. Sitting chickens, standing chickens, chickens with (and without) eggs and/or chicks. Really, there is a whole world of chickens out there that I learned about that year. Then there was the year that every crock, crock bowl, crock cookie jar, etc... went out the door. Each season sees a particular collectible that's in demand, more so than the others.

Maybe this is the year for calendars. There are wall calendars, calendar plates, perpetual calendars, advertising calendars, and more, that await a new home. Hey, maybe antique tools! I've got wrenches and pipe cutters and levels and planes and pipe benders and things I don't even know what they're for. Could be furniture this time... vanities, dressers, tables, cupboards.

Of course, this year could be the year that everything that there's only one of in the store, is sought after. A 1970s slot machine, a Red Wing water cooler, a 1900s 5 chair theatre seat row, a 100 year old farm house door with an oval/beveled glass, or a 1930s manure spreader. (NO! Not me...I'm more of a 1960s model.)

It's a fun game trying to get ahead of my customers. I always keep in mind my regulars, like the gal who buys Blue Heaven dishes, or another who buys cat figurines, and so on. But it's always fun to see what mystery favorite thing will become the "one", a must have.

I'm getting anxious for the weather to get nice enough to get into the store; see if winter pulled a fast one (that means do any of the roofs leak now), and see what changes come to mind. I know a large table will be picked up at the end of April, and that gives me a huge area to redo, or think up some sort of display.

The economy is picking up some around here, but I think I'll keep some of last season's sales going. What the heck. Getting off on a brisk and positive note is well worth it. I sure am getting antsy to open my doors. I think maybe I'll jot down a few ideas to do for the first month or so open, and see how it goes from there.

Alas, I still have to shovel the store porch to get in. Have patience. It's really...Just A Few More Weeks To Go!


Elizabeth Allison
The Other Place, ABC Shop

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