The Irony of the Perfect Gift

An antique is a piece of history that becomes part of your history.

Allow me to tell you a tale of the perfect gift, until it wasn't. In the early 2000s, I worked for a New York antiques dealer who specialized in exquisite and rare artifacts. He had a colorful and varied clientele comprised of foreign aristocrats, corporate moguls, and famous artists.

Shop Owner Video: Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels Auction

Which treasure would you love to bid on?

Carol Speake of Finishing Touch Vintage Jewels on Ruby Lane

Care of Antique and Vintage Costume Jewelry


Cleaning older costume jewelry requires special care and over the years, I have learned some important lessons, sometimes the hard way on what not to do! Costume jewelry is more fragile than fine jewelry and the utmost attention should be taken in the cleaning process and the decision of the best method to undertake cleaning or leaving the jewelry as found.

My Vintage Garden – New York Wine Country

This year, we took our annual vacation in the autumn. After a very busy summer, we were ready for a relaxed and stress free holiday, so a visit to the Finger Lakes in Western New York State seemed the perfect get away.

The Exceptional Beauty of Har Jewelry

The first piece of HAR jewelry I ever held was a comical, almost cartoon looking woman. New to selling costume jewelry, I began my research and was surprised to find that this little figural pin which I assumed was a $25 piece was actually valued at over $100. Needless to say I was intrigued. Since that time I have had the privilege to have many HAR pieces in our shop on Ruby Lane.

What is a Marquise Cut ?

There are many cuts of rhinestones and other stones used in the manufacture of vintage jewelry. Each one has its own name and in some cases, a history which goes along with the name. One of my favorite shapes is the marquise cut.

If you sell vintage jewelry on Ruby Lane or any other site, it is good to educate yourself with the terminology of the various shapes. It helps to educate your buyers and sets you apart as a knowledgeable seller as well.

The November Issue of Ruby Read - Ruby Lane's New Online Magazine

Discover Vintage Fashion in the November issue of Ruby Read.

Guilt Free Indulgence: Fine Jewelry

With consumer confidence waning as it tends to do when the economy is down or there is political unrest (the US federal government shutdown definitely qualifies) discussions generally turn to preserving wealth and tightening one's belt to conserve. 'Real money' aka gold has started to become a hot topic again and with prices having retracted to 2010 figures it is looking more and more attractive.

Costume Jewelry Information

I oftentimes get a bit irate when I find a beautiful piece of jewelry and can find absolutely no information anywhere about the piece. Of course, when a piece is not signed, that is usually the case. But sometimes there are factors that can help identify an early piece by a designer or company that didn't mark or "sign" their pieces. That is what is called, Identifying by Style. And there are some very good reference books that give the indicators for those pieces.

The Art of Decoupage

I have sold several wooden purses that had been done using the art of decoupage. I have also sold a book written all about decoupage. This really got me to thinking about how popular this art form was in the past and the present , so I did some research about this beautiful art form.

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