Evolution of an Antique Dealer - More on Butterflies and Enamel

This article is not meant to be an encyclopedia of enamel techniques, but it is meant to be an introduction to some terminology and methods used to create the types of enamel works that I collect and sell - especially butterfly pins.

My Favorite Time of Year

As both a collector and dealer I look forward to this season...the Hustle and Bustle is just so exciting! I hear time and time again that it's most fun to gift and treasure hunt from the comfort of your own home. I myself feel that way!

Often times dealers will keep special stock ready in the wings to flood their shops with new inventory. This can include but is not limited to Religious and Seasonal/Holiday themes. This affords opportunity for collectors to take advantage of browsing fresh new pieces that have been just waiting to be revealed.

For shop owners this is a great time of year to meet new clients, while showing those valued repeat buyers you appreciate their time and consideration. It's also a time when current inventory may be deeply discounted to close out the year with more sales.

Estimating Shipping Weight: A Primer for New Shop Owners

Its not what you know but what you don’t know that causes all the blisters. That’s why I never wanted to grow up to be a greenhorn. There’s no glamour in it.

So I opened my Ruby Lane shop without a care in the world about blisters. I had years of experience selling antiques and collectibles; no experience selling online, but—how hard could it be—I’d pick the rest of it up as I went along.

Shop Owner Video: Vintage Laurel Burch Jewelry

Sharon of Gypsy Jewels on Ruby Lane

Why Buy a Pre-owned Louis Vuitton Bag

Have you always wanted to own a Louis Vuitton bag but never managed to have enough money for a brand new one? Here is the answer: buy pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags.

Why buy pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags? Louis Vuitton never has sales or discounts, so you will have to always pay the full retail price if you are going to buy it from a retail store. They never sell damaged goods or seconds, so there is really no way you can get one at a lower price. Unlike other brands there is no season of the year when a Louis Vuitton would be available at a lower price. So, you can’t wait for that after Christmas sale to buy the Louis Vuitton that you have been dreaming of.

The December Issue of Ruby Read

Enjoy our online magazine, Ruby Read December - Our Holiday Issue

The Egg in the Sewing Drawer

Breaking down a family home after 60 plus years of living means that you are asked if there is something you would like of the loved one's belongings. I have been mulling over this question recently and decided I would like something that I know most people would question my sanity upon hearing my choice. I will ask for the family’s sock darner.

Know Thy Silver

Silver is wonderful isn't it? Nothing quite makes a festive meal like silverware. Even though some consider it high maintenance, it is so worth it when that beautiful shine comes through.

Silver hallmarking boasts the claim (at least in England) of being the oldest form of consumer protection with regulation of the goldsmith craft (the term goldsmith was formally used without distinction for both goldsmiths and silversmiths) dating back to Medieval times.

Make the Most of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday

With Thanksgiving weekend comes the official launch of the holiday spirit and the pursuit of finding that perfect gift.  Small Business Saturday is a special shopping day which takes place on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving and encourages shoppers to patronize small and local shops.  Cyber Monday is the Internet’s version of Black Friday.

Remake This Room on Ruby Lane - Christmas Table

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) Bold and Beautiful Retro Rose Printed Cottage Vintage Tablecloth, $30, click here. 2.) Miss America Depression Glass Tumbler 10 oz. Flat Base, $80, click here. 3.) Fire King Golden Anniversary Swirl Platter, $16, click here. 4.) Poland Glittered Painted 1950s Glass Christmas Ornaments, $50, click here.



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