Shipping Precautions When Temperatures Are Extreme

If you have ever pushed a mower around on a hot summer day and, a bit over-heated, stepped inside into a chilled, air-conditioned house, you might recall how the extreme shift in temperature seemed to give your body an uncomfortable shock. Then, if you immediately chugged down a tall glass of ice water you might give yourself a second jolt, and maybe a splitting headache.

The Vintage List

What Is The Vintage List?

It used to be that there were only one or two places where most people sold vintage collectibles online, which made it simple for buyers and sellers to find each other. Times are changing though - in the new Web 2.0 environment, a lot of sellers are opening multiple shops on a variety of different venues, and/or on their own websites.

Rinker on Collectibles: Top Lists: How They Relate to Collecting, If at All

AOL recently posted a Top Fifty list of television comedy shows. I am a sucker for “Top Lists” so I put my work aside and clicked my way through the list. Normally, I agree with top list choices, especially Top Ten lists. This time I had problems.

[Before proceeding, take time to develop you own all time Top Ten television comedies list.]

Collecting Snow Babies

- The oldest Snow Baby figures manufactured in the early 1900s and sold in popular department stores measure a mere one to three inches tall.

- Antique snow babies that were made in Germany are the most desirable and valuable to collectors.

- Newer Snowbabies figurines by Dept. 56 probably won’t increase drastically in value over time unless they are limited edition pieces or special character editions.

Rinker's Opinion: What do you predict to be the future of buying/selling antique online vs. physical shows, brick and mortar, et

I remember life before the antiques malls, let alone the Internet. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that eBay’s impact would rise and fall within a fifteen year span. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

One thing is certain. Whatever happens will occur online. I have a fair idea of what is needed, but not who will develop it. The field badly needs a general online antiques and collectibles auction site, albeit one focused only on antiques and collectibles. The site has to resist the temptation to serve a broader sector.

Gemstones - natural, enhanced, synthetic, simulant - I'm SOOO confused!

Ever wonder about all the different stones that are used in jewelry, and what the terms mean? Here are four basic categories:

1. natural- meaning the gem was naturally mined out of the earth and then cut and faceted into its final form. (or tumbled into beads, or simply polished into a cabochon- a highly polished and simply domed cut)

Ah, Yes - The Yearly Family Gathering

The functional area of a house we refer to today as the ‘dining room’
began to become popular around the 17th century. This was a room separate
from others in the house in which a family would gather at mealtimes and
guests were fed and entertained at the table. Being able to maintain a
special room in which to do little more than eat was of course a luxury
reserved for the genteel in the 1600’s. Most people of that time kept a

More On Layaway: Important Terms to Consider

One trend that appears to be emerging from the recent economic downturn is a resurgence in the interest in purchasing using Layaway. If you are looking for an additional tool to help increase your sales this Holiday season and beyond, you might consider adding this option to your Terms of Sale.

However, should you choose to offer layaway, it is important that you outline the specific terms of your plan in your Terms of Sale. Please be sure to include the answers to the following questions:

-Is layaway available for all items within your shop?

Sunday and Sunday: Vintage Watch Enthusiasts

Hi Jewels,

For those of you interested in watches and perhaps expanding your collection, I would like to provide you with a few educational resources:

Sheffield Silver Candlesticks: Light on Some Shady Business of the Past

A certain misapprehension has always surrounded the subject of silver from Sheffield. Popular belief holds that it is the same as Sheffield plate. This belief is justified up to a point, for there certainly was an interlocking of interests between silver from Sheffield and Sheffield plate, as the story of the Sheffield candlestick shows.

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