Heritage Heirlooms: Mourning Memorial Jewelry Is Highly Collectible Today!

In the early 19th century hair was used in designing jewelry. Victorian women wore the jewelry not only as a fashion statement but as a way to keep loved ones close to them. This being sentimental it brought about an interest in hair work jewelry. For many years, it was popular to carry a lock of a loved ones hair. It was often kept in a ring, in the back of a special designed brooch, or locket.

Gardenartus Antiques: Do Your Homework

When listing an item for sale there can be a lot of time spent just on doing research and it can be frustrating. If you want to sell it though you have to do your homework first.

French Kissed: Oh La La!

When it comes to romance, the French reputation is ... oh la la! So it seems it would be easy to find romantic antique French Valentine's Day postcards. But from all of my research -- after more than five years of buying over 12,000 French postcards and looking at literally thousands more -- I've concluded that antique French Valentine's don't exist.

The Jewelry Diva - Czechoslovakian Jewelry

Glass beads used to produce jewelry from Czechoslovakia, or Bohemia as it was originally called, was a direct result of the famous glass making factories, beginning in the 13th and 14th centuries. The jewelry was made of glass beads and rhinestones in beautiful colors and shapes. The country has a rich history in glass making including hand-blown, molded and cut glass. In the mid 1800’s the glass produced here surpassed all other areas in quality, quantity, and diversity.

RC Antiques: It's Time for Change

There are many ways to keep items moving in your shop. Even in these trying
financial times, people still buy.

Your Ruby Lane shop will work best if you always check your "shop visitors log". It is a log that shows what items in your shop are being looked at.

The wish list is an important tool too... it also tells you what items appear to be the most popular. If I have some items that are not generating interest, I figure either my price is too high, or, the photos do not show the item well.

Jan's Unique & Beautiful Treasures: My Buddy

To those of us who are collectors of art, there is a certain devotion to it and the craftsmanship that creates a unique hand crafted piece. Artist tells a story with their hands by the final masterpiece that they birth. I was so captivated by the ‘My Buddy’ sculpture that I searched long and hard to find out more information about the sculptor, Antonio Ramos and his inspiration behind this particular piece.

The Love Nest: Doublets - The Great Pretenders

A doublet is a pretender, an assembled stone comprised of a top and a bottom, with an adhesive in the middle to fuse them together. The most commonly seen doublets today are opals, using an opal front and a black onyx backing to make the stone seem darker and more lively. Looking at the stone from the side will reveal the layers. If the stone is mounted and the mounting obstructs the sides of the opal, it is extremely difficult to positively identify a doublet. Triplets include the additional layer of glass or clear colorless quartz cap, a dome on top, to protect and add dimension.

Dorland's Antiques: Displaying Your Religious Collection

Many of my religious customers have asked me for ideas on displaying their collections, as this can be a challenge to be creative and yet keep the proper reverence for the items and what they represent.

Gardenartus Antiques: Cleaning and Maintaining Pieces Made of Organic Material

Organic material such as Mother of Pearl, Ivory, Pearl, Tortoiseshell, Bone, and Horn can be harmed if using any harsh cleaners. It can actually dissolve shell and eat away at organic material.

Ivory, Bone, & Mother of Pearl

Tiny's Antiques Barn: Shopping in Paris

I am so inarticulate that I invariably describe my French antiques as 'so much nicer than anything you could find in the Paris shops today!', and leave it at that. That's true, but, I also love shopping, and I live in France, so i thought I'd send in this article about what you CAN see, and buy, strolling Paris the next time you come here...

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