Love and Honor: British Registry Marks

British Registry Marks

For the last couple of years I have been on a quest to learn more about silver hallmarks. Particularly on antique jewelry. It can be quite confusing when you don’t know where to start.

Looking through my collection of antique jewelry, I ran across a Scottish Luckenbooth pin. (The history and lore behind Luckenbooth pins is quite fascinating on it’s own.) My sister has traced our family roots back to Scotland. So I thought this pin would make a great gift for her. The pin does not have any of the usual hallmarks that I have seen on British silver…So after a lot of researching…I was at a loss.

Sorren's-Blue Scarlettshard: Emerald - May's Traditional Birthstone

My name is Dagney and my Rubylane store is Sorren's Blue-Scarlettshard. I would like to do a monthly blog on different types of gemstones. Gems have always been my passion and I have studied them for over 20 years. Each one holds a unique perspective to the jewelry connoisseur and maybe knowing a little more about these gems can inspire someone to take a different look and perhaps try a new type of gem in a beautiful vintage/antique piece of jewelry. There are plethora of Unique pieces to choose from on Rubylane.

The Love Nest: Charmed I'm Sure - A collection of charm bracelets

There are not too many women who can't remember their first piece of jewelry, and often it was a charm or starter charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have always been popular but women are no longer just attaching charms to their bracelets. They are becoming a little more clever by using pendants, cameos, single earrings, lockets, watch fobs, religious medals, and glass beads. Some are even using bizarre "found objects" like typewriter keys and sewing buttons, single button cuff links, dice, Scrabble tiles, and even Monopoly game pieces, to create unique and one of a kind bracelets.

Rinker's Opinion: Do you display your collection? How do you do so to maximize your enjoyment?

My collection is displayed two ways. First, my collections are my household furnishings. In many cases, I use the objects, e.g., furniture, dinnerware, stemware, flatware, tabletop accessories, etc. When I built my house, I had dozens of cabinets and cases installed. My plan was to rotate my collections on a regular schedule, an ambitious goal which I have yet to accomplish. Once a collection is displayed, it has a bad habit of staying displayed.

Synergy Jewelry: Tools & Material I Can't Live Without

When fabricating jewelry, as with any creative process, having the right tools is an essential ingredient, and makes a huge difference in the results. Perhaps you are utilizing tools from the basement workshop. Yes, they get the job done, but this is a matter to rethink. In the end, quality tools are going to make your jewelry creations much more refined and just as important – save your hands!

Rinker's Opinion: Do you maintain an acquisition record and/or inventory of your collection?

No and No. Question answered—well, not quite.

While it would be easy to turn this into a do as I say, not do as I do question, I will not. I can count on one hand the number of collectors I know who maintain acquisition and inventory records. Even with all the available cataloging software, free share to purchase, collectors do not want to waste their time cataloging collection when they could be out acquiring new items and handling what they already own.

Rinker on Collectibles: Preventative Maintenance - Part 1

I recently returned from an extended weekend appearance, my sixth in as many years, in Lincoln City, Oregon. I spent four days lecturing, signing books, conducting verbal appraisal clinics, and doing in-home walk-through appraisals. I renewed acquaintances, including Charlie and Marilyn Short, two former Institute for the Study of Antiques and Collectibles students now retired and living in Lincoln City. I returned poorer and richer—poorer because of the money no longer in my checkbook and richer because of the items I purchased at the Little Antique Mall.

Astro Pack Rats: 18 February - 20 March 2009 PISCES

 At last... Pack Rats returns. The whirl and twirl of life spins and we hang on, stand centered, wait for the wheel to rise, to fall – to rise again.

I don’t need to tell any of you that these times are unlike any other. This is true now, and it was true when the same statement was made decades ago. Whatever makes this ‘now’ different from any of the other ‘now's’ is that it holds us in rapt attention, sometimes on the edge of ourselves...waiting…hoping. The invitation of the global community (IMO) is to take responsibility for your place in your community, to take action on behalf of what is the good, caring, and kind action one can take.

Cherished Collectibles: It Pays

It pays to go to those farther away in the country yard sales and get there early.

I went to one that was 45 minutes from my home hoping I wouldn't have to compete with as many dealers.

Not only was there no one there, it was being hosted by a granddaughter (for grandma without any specific instructions) while her grandmother was on a trip. The granddaughter had gone through her grandmother's cupboards and put out for sale all her grandmother's odd colored glass.

Heritage Heirlooms: Mourning Memorial Jewelry Is Highly Collectible Today!

In the early 19th century hair was used in designing jewelry. Victorian women wore the jewelry not only as a fashion statement but as a way to keep loved ones close to them. This being sentimental it brought about an interest in hair work jewelry. For many years, it was popular to carry a lock of a loved ones hair. It was often kept in a ring, in the back of a special designed brooch, or locket.

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