Urban Myths About the Ruby Lane Flagging System

Have you heard about that lady in Dallas, Texas, who kept her hair teased up in a dense, old-fashioned hairdo? She had no idea there was a black widow spider nesting up in her hair…until, one day……
Ok, you may not have heard it was a lady in Dallas, but that this really did happen to a woman living in California or Florida - or just down the street. “Lady attacked by spiders living in her hair” is an ‘Urban Myth,’ a frightening tale of the hidden dangers of vanity regularly recounted to new listeners in each generation since at least the 1950’s.

Worn to Perfection: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Les Creations, Malupa Paris Pins are still a mystery to me and yet, if the old saying is true and a picture is worth a thousand words, we really don’t require full disclosure to enjoy these wonderful miniature works of art.

Marks4Antiques: Contemporary Dolls from the 1950's to Present

Contemporary dolls - the plastic and vinyl dolls made since around 1950 - are growing in popularity among collectors.

French Kissed: Censored Postcards?!

In 1954, authorities took aim at postcard artist Donald McGill and tried to censor his work. Fortunately, by then, they were 50 years too late. McGill's postcard legacy began in 1904 and by the time of the court proceedings in 1954, his life's work was already well distributed!

According to Wikipedia, it's estimated that McGill created more than 12,000 designs, of which about 200 million copies were printed.

Antiques On Canaan St: How Antiques Are Made

Many years ago all I wanted was a pretty bowl to put on a table in my front hall. Not a big request. Just something that spoke for me when people entered my home. (Good health and peace in the world were also important). But when you are the mother of three young, wonderful, active children, you sometimes covet objects of another life. So, my wonderful mother-in-law gifted me with an impressive "new" Chinese type bowl that looked beautiful on that hall table. I was even motivated to dust the table more frequently.

Antiques By Charla: Tools of the Trade for Estate Sales

Thank goodness, Winter is almost over and Spring is fast approaching - and with Spring comes all the yard sales and estate sales we've anxiously awaited all Winter. My last blog touched briefly on expanding beyond the items in your area of expertise and venturing out into other collectibles or antiques categories.

Rinker on Collectibles: Preventative Maintenance Part 2

During a recent visit to Lincoln City, Oregon, I found myself constantly offering “how to take better care” tips during my walk-through home appraisals and at the appraisal clinics. A previous “Rinker on Collectibles” column discussed issues involving light, heat, humidity, and mildew. These were not the only problems I encountered.

RJM Antiques: Finding the "Sleeper"

Many people collect autographs, letters and antiques because they like owning and enjoying an example of something that helped to shape our history. Others search for items that remind them of their family history or a particular aspect of history.

We’re attracted to collecting for different reasons. But there’s one aspect many people find enormously satisfying: the hunt that leads to undervalued items, otherwise known as “sleepers” -- and generally difficult to find.

Heritage Heirlooms: Blue Willow Part 1

My grandmother's Blue Willow Collection intrigued me from a young age, thus started my vast collection of Blue Willow. Her blue willow teapot proudly sits upon my shelf as my memories of having tea with her linger on.

Flotsam & Jetsam: Photographic Jewelry

Even as a young girl, I was enamored by the complexity of faces. From the pictures I drew to the images I collaged, countenances played a vital part in my compositions. So, I guess it's no surprise that as an adult one of my favorite collectible genres is early photographic jewelry. Like many of my pieces, I stumbled upon two small photograph pins by happenstance. And, it was truly love at first site.

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