Rinker's Opinion: 2009 Update - The Globalization of Collecting

We asked Harry Rinker: "In the past you have written about the globalization of collecting. Can you give us an update on this in 2009?"

Here is his response:

The current economic crisis is global. The recovery of the American economy is contingent on the recovery of the Japanese, Chinese, Indian, European, English, South and Central American, etc., economies. Nations no longer live in isolation. The same applies to the antiques and collectibles field.

Time's Treasures: Together Again

As you search through antique shops, auctions and flea markets, I am sure you do the same as I, and carry a mental list of "wants" and perhaps even a written list or two of things to look for. No matter if it is a shop -- or an auction -- or even the next eBay search result -- you never know what will turn up. I think this unpredictability of the hunt is what makes antiquing such an addictive hobby for so many collectors. But one of my most cherished finds, a long-lost treasure from my childhood, never made it to my want list.

Ogee's Antiques: Antiques; The Business of Recycling

When my husband and I started our business in 1978 it was to be an outlet for local artists. Antiques were an afterthought as a means of displaying the art work and having another potential commodity for sale, hence we included the word antiques in our name, Ogee’s Art & Antiques. We bought oak furniture pieces (oak was popular in the 70’s in Idaho) and began refinishing until we had a good foundation to open our shop. We opened the door two weeks before our Grand Opening and after the first week we realized our shop fixtures, the antique furniture, were gone.

Black Dog Kitchen: Corning Ware. Who Would Have Guessed?

We've all seen that doll we played with or dish we tossed away while browsing at an antique mall and thought, " if only I had a crystal ball." Being in this business we're always looking around and wondering what will be the next hot item and believe me it's never easy to figure out. I can honestly say that if I save it the chance of it becoming a collectible is slim to none.

Seaside Art Gallery: 3 Tips on Keeping Your Paintings Healthy

How do you take care of the beautiful oil or acrylic painting that you have chosen?

Fortunately, paintings will give you years of enjoyment with very little effort. The principal threat to paintings is structural damage. You can eliminate most of the risk by taking a few precautions.

Synergy Jewelry: First Lady Obama and Brooches

Not since Jacqueline Kennedy has there been this much buzz about fashion in the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama is sleek, stylish, and sophisticated; she carries her model-like stature with elegance. She is accomplished, well educated, as well as beautiful – a role model for all women. It has been enjoyable to see Mrs. Obama’s distinctive personal and creative style along the campaign trail.

Manion's: Remember Pearl Harbor Internet Auction

For Immediate Release
Contact: Andrew Turner
866.626.4661 – ext. 1018
Pearl Harbor memorabilia up for bid on Internet auction

The Love Nest: Victorian Crescent Moon Pins

Victorian "Honeymoon" pins are characterized by a crescent moon shape with accompanying floral decoration. The Victorian period spanned from the 1830's to just after 1890. The pins were sometimes enhanced with gemstones such as diamonds, garnets, rubies, seedpearls, turquoise, emerald, or amethyst, (those being the most popular and widely used in Victorian jewelry). The earlier pieces dating prior to 1900 often used colored glass paste stones, and sometimes colorful enamels.

Rinker on Collectibles: It Is Time for Some Good News

I cannot stop checking the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It is making me crazy. Each morning I make a resolution to stop. My promise is broken the minute AOL boots up. Like many Americans, I am obsessed with the value of the DJIA. How low will it go? Will the DIJA take another roller coaster ride today?

Falky's Treasures: "If You Have It, Use It"

“If you have it, use it”. This quote comes from my mother-in-law. She was talking about using her hand-me-down china as everyday dishes. Her philosophy is simple, “It looks better in my cupboard than it does in the box stuffed in a closet!”. It gives her a chance to think of her mother, grandmother and other family members. They are also wonderful conversation items. She has found that everyone is careful with the dishes so they are not the ones to “chip”, or “crack” them. These dishes are very nice, bone china from the 1930’s.

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