SuzansTreasures: Connemara Marble Jewelry

It’s so much fun to feature seasonal and holiday related jewelry in my shop, SuzansTreasures. In March, I often list Irish and Celtic jewelry (as well as anything green). I’ve recently added several Irish brooches with Connemara marble, and received this question from a customer:

“Please enlighten me. What is Connemara marble and why is it exclusive to Celtic jewelry?”

Wigwampatterns: My Friend Al - the Old Toy Collector

Over the years, I have been involved with flea Markets, antique malls and antiques Shows. I never really wanted a brick and mortar shop. In those early years, I was honored to have studied with the BEST in their field - men and women who had, in some cases, 50 years experience, in the areas I chose to deal in.

Antiki: Tropical Estate Finds plus a Free Vacation!

The joy of retailing is an odd way to make a living, and you have to love searching for wonderful items to give your clients the best possible quality and prices. I love it.

Cobble Creek Antiques: Free or Low Cost Appraisals?

Perhaps you’ve seen free or low-cost “appraisals” advertised in conjunction with antique shows or at local shops. People line up with their latest rummage sale find, and hope to be told that they have something of great worth.

While this is an inexpensive and fun way to learn a bit about your item, be aware that the value you are given should be considered an “educated guess” rather than an appraisal.

ADIN: Snake Jewelry

From all low reptiles the serpent has clearly made the highest profile career.

A lot can be said about serpents (or snakes). They have been worshiped since the Dark Ages and are a powerful religious symbol with many different meanings, like death and resurrection, while they have also been associated with healing and rivergods and also denote fertility, wisdom and the ability to cure. In jewelry serpents are depicted both for decorative as symbolic reasons.

Rinker's Opinion: What is the state of the “reproduction” market these days?

It is odd how things work. The current economic crisis seems to have totally distracted the antiques and collectibles trade from the issue of reproductions (exact copies), copycats (stylistic copies), fantasy items (forms, shapes, patterns, and/or color that did not exist historically), and fakes. The simple truth is that these have not gone away and continue to plague the field. If you have any doubt, checkout the latest catalog from AAA Importing or Castle Antiques. New material is appearing in the marketplace constantly.

Treasures From The Past: To Fenton With Love

It was not the flashiest of designs, this milk glass with hand painted blue flowers adorning the pattern. Yet in its sweet simplicity, I found my love of Fenton.

Ilene's Treasures: A Splendid Surprise!

I recently had an experience I would like to share with others about finding treasures. I was out mailing an item I had sold on Ruby Lane and decided to check out a couple of second hand stores for glass items to paint for my other hobby which is designing custom dinnerware. Well to make a long story short I had gone to the first store and found a couple items but nothing really interesting.

Mainely Glass: Address Provided With Purchase Order

I see a large number of Ruby Lane shop owners who don't want to publicly display their address or phone number. Some only include a first or last name. Perhaps they don't want their competitors at local auctions and estate sales knowing who they are. Perhaps they are afraid of having strangers show up on their doorstep. Perhaps they are hiding from the tax collector. I don't know.

I understand the need for privacy, I do. My shop is strictly online. My inventory is kept in my home. It is not a public place. When I first opened a shop on Ruby Lane, I also hid my contact information.

Red Moon Antiques: Do you Twitter?

No doubt you've heard about Twitter, the huge social network system that is connecting people around the world. And many of you would like to try Twittering yourselves, but are a bit overwhelmed with the idea of trying something so unique and different.

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