Sorren's-Blue Scarlettshard: Sapphire - the birthstone for September

When thinking of a Sapphire, one generally pictures a deep blue gem--a blue that resonates in the sunlight and is unsurpassed when it comes to color and beauty. All gemstone color breaks down into three components: Hue--color of the gemstone; Tone--highlight or lowlight of color; and Saturation--brightness of color in a gem. Blue sapphire in general, is a various mixture of all these components with the primary color being blue.

Rinker on Collectibles: Home Gold Parties - Seller Beware

In these tough economic times, individuals are considering selling objects they no longer need to obtain much needed cash. Items made from precious metals and possibly containing precious and semi-precious stones are high on the list. Hosting a “Gold Party” has become a national phenomenon. Stories appear regularly in newspapers and magazines and on the Internet, radio, and television. The classic cautionary warning of “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is ignored by a desperate public.

Vintage Jewelry Showcase: Alexandrite - The "IF'S", "ANDS" & "BUTS"!

So you've spotted an "Alexandrite" ring on that ever popular auction site: the stone is huge, the price is affordable but climbing, and ooh, you've wanted a real alexandrite for so long! You're thinking "maybe this is the one you should go for.?" Well, before you dive in and bid or buy, here's some information that might stop you from making an expensive mistake.

Island Vintage Jewelry: Lead Soldiered Jewelry

Like a lot of sellers on Ruby Lane, I am always on the look out for beautiful antique and vintage jewelry to offer in my shop. Most of the time, I make great purchases but recently I learned a very valuable lesson from my local goldsmith.

Cobble Creek Antiques & Collectibles: A Beginners Guide to Flea Market Shopping

Early morning, it's barely light and I'm staring at a field filled with vintage collectibles and antiques. I don't know which way to go first - the furniture off to the left looks intriguing and over to the right is an impressive display of vintage clothing. Straight ahead are tables loaded with small items that beg closer inspection. After stumbling from my bed at 4:00 a.m. and driving for a couple of hours, I've arrived at one of my favorite events - a flea market.

Rinker On Collectibles: Questions and Answers

QUESTION: My stepfather has a painting, oil on canvas, signed “LeRoy Neiman” in the lower left corner. “Healy” is printed beneath Neiman’s signature. My stepfather’s wife bought it for him as a 25th birthday present in August 1966. The canvas measures 23 1/2in x 30in, the frame 29in x 35in. The picture shows the back of a bull fighter. It features bold, colorful brush strokes. According to my stepfather, this picture was featured in Playboy in the early to mid-1960s as part of its “Man at His Leisure” series.

Holly's Heirlooms: Feel The Force and Go With Plan B

For the auction or estate sale addict, I suspect it’s something we all occasionally do – one thing draws us in, but somehow it’s another that catches our eye and gets our money. Like a sleight of hand, some magnetic force leaves us shaking our head in bewilderment, uncertain of what just occurred.

Gardenartus Antiques: "Stop! Turn, Turn here! There's A Garage Sale"

Those words are forever, very fondly, ingrained into my head. My mother was a "huntress" in the world of bargains and garage sales. Simply driving down the street could lead to an adventure full of excitement for the day.

She would holler: "Stop, Turn, Turn here! There is a Garage Sale!" in her charming southern drawl.

The Wright Treasure: So What’s your story ???

It must have been about 16 years ago or so when I came to the realization that I was hooked on buying and collecting just about everything. If there was an auction, estate sale, garage sale, flea market, within 50 miles, I just had to get there. Sitting next to a vibrant, chatty, woman one Sunday afternoon, the auctioneer had to almost holler over us, as this gal convinced me that I had done enough buying for myself - it was time to become a dealer.

Senior Moving Specialist: Fenton Glass 101 - A beginners guide to collecting

The Fenton Art Glass Company has been in business for over 100 years and is still making glass today in Williamstown WV. With such a long and productive company history Fenton has made something to make every glass enthusiast a happy collector. There is such a wide variety of items, colors and styles it may be difficult to pick just one to collect. Beginning a collection may seem a little over whelming.

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