Ruby Lane: Top Ten Artisan Lane Listing Errors

10. Listing items that are not jewelry pieces or which are specifically excluded from the Artisan Jewelry Lane, such as key rings or table top jewelry boxes.

9. Listing items which do not exhibit a significant contribution by the shop owner. The requirements for the Artisan Jewelry Lane state that the artist’s contribution must be at least 50% of the final product. Attaching a pre-made charm to a pre-made bracelet or a pre-made pendant on an existing chain does not meet this criterion.

Ruby Lane: Top Ten Vintage & Antique Jewelry Lane Listing Errors

10. Listing items that are not jewelry pieces or which are specifically excluded from the Antique and Vintage Jewelry Lane, such as key rings or table top jewelry boxes.

9. Listing jewelry items as Jewelry: Antique that are not definitively dated as being at least 100 years old.

8. Listing jewelry items in Jewelry: Collectible that are not 20 years old and not yet listed in any price guide that can be mentioned.

Rinker's Opinion: What are the price guides you cannot live without and why?

I use printed price guides sparingly these days. Some may consider this an odd statement coming from a person who authored or edited over forty price guides in his professional career.

Daylily Treasures: A Time For Renewal

People seem to have an inborn fortitude to get through tough times. And it’s been the tough times that increase our creativity and determination to keep on going and persevere. Recently things around us appear to be crumbling. But I see a lot of potential for renewal and innovation. It’s how we react that determines how we get through. I would urge people to take a fresh look at their web based businesses and think about ways to make improve.

Cinsababe's: The Treasure That Found Me

I sat at the auction every Monday morning. I showed up early, scouring through the endless box lots and show cases for the pieces that would quickly find their way to eBay. I always had my eye on the prize—the silver covered powder dish that someone had hidden away in a box of bath towels, the sparkling Eisenberg brooch in the bottom drawer of a jewelry box, the Art Deco dress clip that matched the one I already had at home, and the list goes on. I hardly ever took a potty break and lunch was always a quick trip to the snack bar.

Sands-O-Time: Is it Time for a Fresh Start in the Antiques World?

A trip to NYC this weekend to visit one of the largest Antique shows in the country brought many questions to my mind, but first NYC itself. This was my second visit in the past 6 months to what I consider to be the greatest city in the world. It's like it's own country, it's own world. It alive and pulsating. The smell of street food, wondering where people are off and running to, the occasional celebrity getting out of a black car. There is so much to see, so much to do. Me? I focus on the streets of Chelsea. My favorite antiquing neighborhood.

Antiques by Charla: Flea Markets Do Have Unknown Treasures

Have you ever visited one of the large outdoor flea markets, waited in line at the entry gate, and then made a mad dash for the very back of the field. Well, you may have been one of those who ran right past my 40 foot tent, without a second thought, at a large northeast flea market.

Born too Late Vintage: Robert Goldworm - Vintage Fashion

New to vintage clothing as a business (I've been wearing vintage since my high school days), I was roaming through racks clothing at one of my haunts that I get to visit twice a year.

The colors hit me first. Then the intricate knitting and the quality of the seam work captivated me. I knew I had found a dress worthy of taking home with me.

Island Vintage Jewelry: Dear Darling - The story behind the gift of jewelry

Have you ever wondered what event or special occasion inspired the original owner of your vintage jewelry to purchase it? Through many years of collecting wonderful pre-owned jewelry, I hadn't really given it much thought. Acquiring this vintage B. David set would change that.

Penny Candy Collectibles & Embellishments: A Show Vendor's View

18th Annual Spring Antiques Show -- Old Wall Historical Society
Date of the Event: Saturday March 14, 2009
Wall, NJ

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