SOS to Vintage and Antique Lamp Dealers

Was trying to find out if I could send an "SOS" to all dealers with a picture of a lamp........I am totally clueless, and am desparate to replace the glass shade or whole lamp.

Will try to contact dealers individually, but just thought there might be a quicker way.....know it's not presently available, but it would be so helpful for antique novices like me!!!

Thanks for your help.

Island Vintage Jewelry: Weiss Fakes

As a collector and dealer of costume jewelry, I am
surprised at the amount of fake WEISS jewelry that is
being bought and sold as genuine vintage.  It is showing up all
over online markets and I have recently found a piece
photographed and misrepresented in a jewelry book I have.

From the colorful rhinestone encrusted butterflies and
Christmas Tree brooches to the most basic gold or silver tone

Red Moon Antiques: Twitter - Getting Started

It's easy to open a Twitter account. Go to, click on
the green bar that says “Get Started – Join”, and fill in the information.You have just become a Tweeter!

But even before you start tweeting, you'll want to give some serious thought to making your Twittering easier and better later. Forethought in setting up your account will give you a solid start and will lessen problems down the way.

Start with Your Name

Mainely Glass: Why am I doing this?

After looking over my Quickbooks data from last year one final time before sending it to my accountant, I can't help but wonder, “Why am I doing this?” Sure, I've made some money. Perhaps I could have made the same or more by going to a “job” every day. But it's not JUST about money. There is something else that drives me to have a Ruby Lane shop. It all boils down to three basic things: the thrill of the hunt, the joy of learning, and the interaction with customers.

Marks4Antiques: Contemporary Dolls from the 1950s to Present

Contemporary dolls - those plastic and vinyl made since around 1950 - are growing in popularity among collectors.

Rinker's Opinion: What is your current favorite collecting category? Why?

The simple answer is the most obvious. I love with everything I collect. It is impossible to play favorites.

Occasionally when I am being interviewed, the reporter or host asks, “If there was a fire and you could only save one things, what would it be?” If my wife is present, her eyes have a “take me” look. Forget her. She is capable of escaping on her own. I would grab a family heirloom, not because it is the most value or most loved, but family. Emotional and sentimental value always trumps monetary value.

Gardenartus Antiques: Free Advertising? Take Advantage Of The Monthly Finds

The Monthly Finds is a fantastic way to get "free" advertising for your shop. Each month you can choose any item that is currently active in your shop and add it to the Monthly Finds, unless it sells it will stay in that months list of items. If it does happen to sell during the month, hopefully it does because that is the idea behind adding an item from your shop, you can simply add another item to replace it before the end of the current month.

Badboxers Antiques: Selling Online is Fun – But Does the IRS Consider it a Hobby or a Business?

It started out so innocently, you bought a few old postcards because they were so pretty, then you wanted MORE postcards, so you had to sell some of your collection online. The next thing you knew, you had stacks of postcards all over the house, boxes overflowing, postcards were everywhere, and you had a little extra money in your pocket to boot. Did you start your own business, or do you just have a hobby?

CarMel Collectibles: Aggie's Gift

Growing up in Wisconsin my family stayed pretty close to home, traveling only as far as to Illinois to see extended family. My parents enjoyed going to little shops of "goodies" sometimes known as junk stores, flea markets and antique stores. Each of them had something they loved and searched for. Mom and Dad spent their time picking through hundreds of items to find just the right treasure to buy on that trip. As the years passed the prices of their treasures went up. I loved those trips and also enjoyed looking.

Ruby Lane: Top Ten Artisan Lane Listing Errors

10. Listing items that are not jewelry pieces or which are specifically excluded from the Artisan Jewelry Lane, such as key rings or table top jewelry boxes.

9. Listing items which do not exhibit a significant contribution by the shop owner. The requirements for the Artisan Jewelry Lane state that the artist’s contribution must be at least 50% of the final product. Attaching a pre-made charm to a pre-made bracelet or a pre-made pendant on an existing chain does not meet this criterion.

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