Mainely Glass: Break It - The Inventory Buying Habit

The other night I was watching American Idol. After a horrible
performance, Simon asked the singer "Why did you pick that song?" The
answer was "I like it". The judges admonished the contestant that liking
a song doesn't mean you should sing it. This stuck in my mind as I
thought about my inventory-buying habits. I focus mainly on glass
because I like it. But is focusing on a single category the right thing
for me to be doing right now?

I'm trying hard to break out of the glass-only habit, but it isn't easy.

Heritage Heirlooms: Blue Willow Part II - Manufacturers & Marks

A Collection of Sugars and Creamers from Various Makers...

Brilliant Diamond Styles

Estate Custom Diamond Ring 1 13ctw 14k Two Tone Gold size 6 5 Diamond is the birthstone for April, and Ruby Lane presents you with the opportunity to buy diamonds which have been cut in many different shapes, and in different styles.

Rinker On Collectibles: Questions and Answers

QUESTION: I have an old aluminum one-cup measuring cup that says, “SWANS DOWN CAKE FLOUR MAKES BETTER CAKES” on its side. When was this premium issued? – BJ, Andalusia, IL, E-mail Question

Born Too Late Vintage: American Designer Claire McCardell

I decided to write about the designer credited as the inventor of ready-to-wear for women, Claire McCardell. My interest was piqued when I discovered through various information on the internet that Ms. McCardell was a native of Frederick, Maryland, the town where my mother grew up and where my grandmother, uncles and aunt still reside today.

Attachment: Field Notes from the 2009 French Flea Markets

Flea and Tick Season is almost with us, so I thought I would send back some field notes from the French Flea Markets of 2009, for anyone considering a visit to France later in the year.

Glitterbugs: The Importance of Pictures

You've heard it time and time again...a picture says a thousand words. Yet time and time again I see costume jewelry listings online with only two or three pictures and sometimes even those are blurry. Sadly, online buyers fall prey to fraudsters or to sellers who are lax in their descriptions. As a buyer, I need several clear photos to properly examine the jewelry that's not in my hands. If these are not provided I move on. I'm certain most of us have made a disappointing purchase online. I hope I can help you avoid some of those bad buys in the future.

Ruby Lane and Work Together to Support Artisan Jewelers 15% Off Coupon Code: SCF15P-RUBYLANE-0409The finest handcrafted jewelry often begins with the highest quality components. This quality however generally comes at a higher cost and that can create a real challenge for jewelry designers trying to provide attractively priced jewelry in these tough economic times. To help our artisan jewelers face this challenge, Ruby Lane has teamed up with which is offering a special discount to Ruby Lane shop owners.

Harry Rinker: When did you realize you were a serious collector and collecting was more than a passing fancy?

I have the bassinet in which my parents brought me home from the hospital, the crib in which I slept, and highchair in which I sat. I grew up in a culture and family that believes in the two concepts—“it is too good to throw out” and hand-me-downs, a version of recycling.

Sherer Heaven: Making Memories

I have the good fortune of not only being a grandmother ten times over, but a great-grandmother three times with another on the way. Recently, my first great-granddaughter, Bryanna, asked if she and her mother could have a sleepover at my house, as her father was going to be gone for the weekend. Of course, I was delighted and suggested they come for dinner and I would fix their favorite foods.

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