Daylily Treasures: Tips for Better Website Photos

How many times have we taken what we thought was the best picture of our item to show it off, only to view it later and see it’s either a bit fuzzy or doesn’t ‘pop’ like we thought it would? Below are some simple tips to improve photo taking for online stores.

Katstrinkets: Silence - Or Not?

After selling on the internet for several years-mostly, very part time-I decided I really needed to try to organize myself and turn it into a "real" business. That was the lessor struggle for me. The other, and bigger, struggle for me was talking to people.

Antiki: Price Your Items

When trying to decide how to price your items , the new standard across the antiques and collectibles world is now at  3 times cost.  It was previously 2 times cost as the standard way to price an item, but last year most  antiques experts and newsletters changed the suggested formula. I have never had to make any item 3 times cost  and here is why.

Ruby Is The New Green!

Happy Earth Day to all! It’s no secret that the health of our planet is on everyone’s mind these days. As a business, we feel a responsibility to operate in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible. To show our respect for the environment, we are pleased to announce our Green program which outlines our perspective on minimizing our carbon footprint, and how you, our shop owners can, too.

Antique . Vintage . Artisan – Ruby Is The New Green

The Jewelry Diva: Reverse Carved Intaglio Jewelry

Reverse carved intaglio jewelry are miniature works of art. "Intaglio" means carved down into a material and in this case carved from the back. The materials used were usually Lucite, crystal, transparent glass, and celluloid. When a piece of intaglio jewelry is mounted or set with a back, it is difficult to see the actual carving without removing the back of the piece. The carvings were usually enclosed under a clear geometric dome. The two necklace and earrings sets you see here are set without a frame or mount and you can turn them over and see the actual carving.

Astro PackRats Taurus: APR 20 - MAY 20

There is always a lot going on in the celestial world.  More than I could even consider addressing in this short little column.  I keep it simple and hopefully entertaining for you.  There is always more to say and places more deeply to sojourn.

We all will be affected by Mercury retrograde which will be begin the 7th May and end the 30th of May.  It begins in Gemini and turns to Taurus on the 14th.  What I have to say of all this is …. 

Take your time and be very clear in your communications.  Don’t assume because you ‘get it’ ,other’s will too.  This is more of a time for information gathering rather than application to information.  Don’t be surprised if you computers goes silly, your flight to Africa changes, or appointments are lost or not attended.  It’s a pretty ‘airy fairy’ time and trying to pin down someone to anything may seem harder than usual.  When it goes to Taurus… well.. all the above feels like everyone is mentally stubborn and resistant to any ideas other than their own cherished ones.  Take your time, be clear, quite being so tenacious, and give everyone a break.  Be nice.  Till next month….. (be nice all the time)

Your Pack Rat leader, Jeanne Adwani

43 Chesapeake Court Antiques: Creative Ideas on Entertaining Using Antique Napkin Rings

Several months ago, I decided to do an antique show. It had been several years since I had participated in a show. Prior to my decision to sell on-line, I had been doing at least 2 shows a year. It was always enjoyable to spend time with my customers, share ideas, and current happenings in their lives.

Sherer Heaven: The Summer Porch

I grew up on an Iowa farm during the 1940-50s, and lived in a large "four-square" farmhouse with two porches to the south, one of which was glazed/screened in. During the winter, this porch was a great place to store foods...particularly, Christmas cookies and it became a giant freezer when the temps dipped below 25-30 degrees.

The Green Advantage: Set Your PC Laptop To Consume Less Energy

April 22, 2009 is Earth Day! Did you know that you can adjust the settings on your PC laptop so that it will consume less energy? Here's how:

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share: Arranging Follow Up

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share


Not all customer problems can be addressed immediately. Many situations 
call for some form of follow-up or additional communication.

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