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By now you’ve heard about it. The social networking site with the strange name that refers to what birds do when they talk. There is also the site which was originally designed to serve as a tool for university students. Goodness, how times have changed! “Social networking” is growing at a pace that no one could have predicted, and now businesses are jumping in.

Carmel Collectibles: Smiling In Cyberspace

In the world of cyberspace, what does a smile have to do with selling online? We notice a smile on a child's face when they see their mom or dad. A smile crosses her face when the doorbell rings and flowers arrive. We laugh and smile as we see our pet playing with a favorite toy. All of these experiences have one thing in common, they use the eyes to express emotion in some way. In Ruby Lane, cyber world images are words on a screen or photographs of items illustrating an online site.

The Loft Antiques: Ruby Lane Shop Owners: Don't be the scapegoat....High Standard Policies Can Help You!

This article is about a policy that may affect all of us at some time or another. I remember as a teacher, from time to time....policies were set by the system that perhaps I might not agree with, but it was my responsibility as an employer to abide by them. If a parent ever questioned a teacher's judgement on a matter, we often had that policy to refer them back to, and it took the responsibility off of us.

Falky's Treasures: A Story Through Postcards

As we were setting up another auction, I was the lucky one who got to sort vintage postcards. These weren't your regular postcards. These started in around the late 1890's and fisnished up in the 1980's. They were from the same couple of people, and their families. It started with the grandparents, and their friends and family, talking about the day to day things and about special family events. The earliest one showed a picture of the town they were in and on the back the story of the new house. Then we move into holiday post cards.

Mainely Glass: Reaching Out to Your Customers Via Facebook

I used to think that Facebook was simply a site for teenagers to share party photos with each other. Not so. I recently saw on the news that the fastest growing demographic group on Facebook is women over 55. So, what does this have to do with Ruby Lane, you ask. Well, potentially a lot.

Cinsababe's: Keeping Inventory aka Now Where Did I Put That?

I recently purchased several items from a Ruby Lane shop. Shortly after payment, a note came saying the owner was unable to locate one of the jewelry sets, but was sending the rest. A few days later, another note said she had found it. I can honestly say that as a shop owner, this has never happened to me.

Rinker's Opinion: Is it possible to predict with absolute certainty the long range value of an antique or collectible?

Even God does not have the ability to predict with absolute certainty the long range value of an antique or collectible. The antiques and collectibles market is fickle because its buyers and sellers are fickle.

If I had the ability to predict future value, do you think I would be writing this blog? Of course not. Instead I would be retired and sitting on the beach of some South Sea Island basking in the sunshine from the profits I made.

Treasure Box Antiques: My Favorite Glass Pattern is Floragold

Floragold is a beautiful, marigold-color glass with a lacey, flowery, vine pattern. It is a very confusing type of glass for beginning glass collectors to identify, however. The Floragold pattern is often incorrectly referred to as Depression Glass. It is true that it is made in that tradition by Jeannette Glass Company, which also manufactured Depression glass in the 1920’s and 1930’s, but Floragold dates from the 1950’s.

Daylily Treasures: Relocation Can Change More Than Location

It was about 10 years ago that I heard from my brother about an up and coming way that people were selling vintage items and things from their own closets and cupboards. They were selling these things online. It seemed rather scary at the time – listing items with just a description (no photos at that time) and trusting that people would really pay for these things. This was all new to me – I had no idea where or how to start. I asked my brother what I should look for to sell. He advise was to go to yard sales and see what was available in my area.

Rinker's Opinion: What is your strategy for shopping an antiques show or flea market?

First, I check the Internet. Most major antiques show and flea market promoters have websites. It takes more than location, map, hours, pictures, etc., to entice me to attend. I want detailed information about the type of merchandise offered and a list of some, if not all, of the regular exhibitors. I also want to know if there are any “special” shows or weekends, e.g., an extravaganza weekend at a flea market or a specialized show, e.g., vintage fashion, within a general antiques show.

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