Rinker's Opinion: What is your favorite flea market, antiques mall, and antiques show? What is it that makes it so?

Do you have a hidden desire to have me shot, run out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered, hung (in fact rather than in effigy), etc.? Pick one. Even water-boarding could not make me do this.

Having said this, I do have favorites, not surprisingly the place where I found great material at bargain prices.

Love and Honor: Is It Hoarding Or Is It Collecting

I don’t think that I am a hoarder….or am I ? The reason I am writing this article is more as a cathartic process for me than it is informative. That being said…I do not think that I am alone. You know who you are!

The Jewelry Diva: 'End of Day' Bakelite Jewelry

What exactly is "End of Day" Bakelite, and which pieces are true, "End of Day" pieces? Many dealers and collectors often make mistakes when trying to identify these Bakelite pieces. "End of Day" was a phrase used by glass collectors and has its origin in old-fashioned Yankee thrift. Producing many batches of various colors of glass in the art of glass making was expensive in terms of energy and materials that were used.

Kat's Colorado Trinkets: We Found Bakelite

A friend and I were garage sale-ing one day last year.  She had just opened her Ruby Lane shop and was still very unsure about whether she had done the right thing, and if she would be able to make enough money to run it.  There weren't many sales that day and we were tired of looking.  She saw a sign in our neighborhood and suggested we stop.  I wasn't too enthusiastic about it as our neighborhood is known for baby stuff and clothes.  The houses are too new to have any older residents.

Rinker's Opinion: I would like to start collecting in a category that I admire but about which I know very little. Advice?

Spend six months doing homework. Begin by obtaining all specialized reference books relating to the category you want to collect. Check in print as well as out of print titles. Many antiques and collectibles references remain in print less than five years. If you cannot find a specialized reference book, look for broader titles that include a section or chapter on the category.

French Kissed: Feeling "Down On Your Luck"?

With all the talk of a recession and Wall Street's daily yoyo routine, a person may feel a bit down on their luck. But taking a look at French culture -- gleamed from thousands of antique French postcards that I have been collecting and selling for more than 6 years -- has shown me that luck is all in one's perspective.

Born Too Late Vintage: Boning Up On Vintage Clothing

Researching is great fun. I am continually amazed at what I learn when I'm researching vintage clothing. In the dark recesses of my mind I remembered my grandfather saying there was a radio and then tv show about a Jewish family. The name of the show was "The Goldbergs." The radio and tv show existed way before I was born. Sometimes though, when these tidbits in my mind float to the top I'll just search it out on Google.

Glitterbugs: Whatever Happened To...

When I go to an auction I just never know what will sing "buy me". When a large box of old postcards came up on the block I was hesitant to raise my card and then figured why not try something new? They all belonged to one woman who had traveled extensively throughout the USA. The majority of the cards were of US city sites and most were in wonderful condition. At first I only listed the holiday and humorous cards included in the lot. I felt certain no one would want those other postcards however.

Thoughts for the Day: Important Notes from Customer Support


Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share


An assurance of results is a stronger statement than an assurance of
effort: it promises that the customer will have his or her problem
resolved. An assurance of effort doesn't promise results, so it can be
used in almost any situation. Assurances of result should be made only
when you can legitimately guarantee the results you are promising.

Seaside Art Gallery: What is an Original Lithograph?

Lithograph is a miss used word and is used to mean several different things.

An original lithograph is when the artist creates the work of art on a stone plate.

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