Honest Reflection Produces Success

Some topics can be difficult to write about not due to writers block or the intricacy of the subject, but because they stir up a slew of emotions. One such matter is how to maintain the fine balance between being both a collector and a dealer and ultimately remain objective.

Ten Do's and Don'ts From a Mentor

Miss Mentor (whose real name was something else) was a veteran antique seller, who had made enough mistakes over the years to be a gold mine of cautionary tales, as relevant to online selling as they were in her Main Street shop. Now and then an item or comment would remind her of something, and out would pop a maxim. Here are a few from her hoard:


In September my beloved husband of 35 years and partner in Ruby Lane adventures, Cowboy Rick, passed away. At his memorial service we displayed hundreds of his nature photographs he had taken over the last ten years (some displayed here). He collected photos of butterflies and of waterfalls and of birds and of mountains and of National Parks and well, you get the idea.

Rinker's Opinion: Nazi Memorabilia and Fraud in the Antiques and Collectibles Trade

eBay.co.uk recently was asked to remove Holocaust memorabilia offered for sale from its website. eBay also does not allow the sale of Nazi memorabilia. What has been your experience with this issue?

Sentimental Gift Giving

The word sentimental is defined as expressive of or appealing to sentiment, especially the tender emotions and feelings, as love or nostalgia.

One of my favorite things about being an online vendor is the charming and sentimental stories recounted by valued customers. More often than not, shopper purchases are tied to sentimentality of a particular special item, such as a vintage charm, old locket, and brooch or décor item.

Who is Van Dell ?

When one thinks of the more popular designers of the mid 20th Century, the name Van Dell does not necessarily come to mind. It is not that the work of the desiger is not fabulous, it is just that the pieces are not as often seen as some other designers such as Trifari, Sarah Coventry, Coro and the like.

But if you are looking for well made mid century jewelry, you can't find a better one than designs made by Van Dell. This lovely design is a Van Dell sterling silver flower brooch with lovely marquis shaped rhinestones. The detail is just fabulous.

Shop Owner Recap of 2013

Thinking about the new year made me want to write a recap of 2013. I began selling on Ruby Lane in February 2011 and my sales have grown each year. I also sell in an antique mall and the year has been very good there. When sales slow down after Christmas, my Ruby Lane shop continues to do well in January and February. The best months in the mall are: March, May, September, October and November. Ruby Lane customers buy year round but sales are slower in the summer months.

A Holiday Story to Warm the Heart

Back in October a woman called to ask me if I would come to her home to give her some idea of how to dispose of a “lot” of antiques/collectibles that she had. Upon seeing her items, I made some suggestions, one of which was to invite over an Antique Dealer friend of mine who sells the type of items that she had. She agreed and my friend went to her home upon which she bought three pieces.

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