Storing and Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

I love sterling silver jewelry. Yes, it tarnishes, where gold jewelry does not, but this just adds to the appeal to me, especially since I like vintage jewelry more than new jewelry. The patina from sterling tarnish just adds to the look, in my opinion. To have your sterling jewelry continue to look good, though, there are some things you should do when it comes to both storage and cleaning.

The Magic of Pinterest: It Nearly Tripled My Shop's Traffic

I am not the first to blog about this nor will I or should I be the last. If you aren't actively using Pinterest you aught to start taking it seriously. Pinterest is for us!

Remake this Look on Ruby Lane - 1950s Little Black Dress

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) Vintage 1950s 50s Cocktail Dress Black Formal Evening, $62, click here. 2.) Vintage Shades of Pink Faux Pearl Bold 6 Strand Necklace, $42, click here. 3.) Vintage Marvella Earrings, Pink Enamel Flowers w Faux Pearl Center, $40, click here. 4.) Vintage Gloves Kayser Pink Ruffles, $24, click here.


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Rinker's Opinion: The Peak of a Collecting Category

How do you gauge when the popularity of a collecting category is peaking?

This is a critical question in today’s trendy market.  No collecting category remains hot forever.  Identifying the approach of the peak of a price run in a collecting category is especially important to investors, as opposed to collectors.  The investor’s goal is to sell at or near the price peak, not when prices begin their downward trend.

Remake This Room on Ruby Lane - Child's Play

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"


1.) Charming Original English Childs Rocking Horse, $245, click here. 2.) French Antique Dresser with Painted Finish Shabby Chic Antique Furniture, $975, click here. 3.) Vintage Collectible Strawberry Shortcake Lunch Box, $25, click here. 4.) Madame Alexander "Butch" Composition baby doll, $48, click here. 5.) Rare Children's Wooden Letter and Picture Blocks, $18, click here.


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What’s Your Flea Market Style?

Garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets are weekly events for our family to fill our shops on Ruby Lane. But it’s the “big boy” ginormous, multi-day markets like Hillsville in Virginia, Canton First Monday in Texas and Brimfield in Massachusetts (to name just a few) that require some preparation and forethought.

Ruby Lane Has a Brand New Look

We are pleased to announce that Ruby Lane has a brand new look and feel - just in time to celebrate our 15-year anniversary. Read on to find out what’s new on Ruby Lane:

New Layout, Logo and Colors - Higher End Look

Peridot: The Other Green Gemstone

Most collectors of jewelry know about emeralds. When one says green gemstone, an emerald is the one that comes to mind. But Peridot is another green gemstone worthy of note. Peridot is a gemstone which comes from the mineral olivine. It is considered to be a gemstone for August and is also associated with the Zodiac sign of Libra. Many people also give peridot as a gift for 3rd or 16th wedding anniversaries.

Rinker's Opinion: Starting a Collection on a Budget

What tips do you have for someone who is starting a collection and is on a very tight budget?

The adage “collect what you like” applies.  Just because a collecting category is affordable, does not mean that it should be collected.  If the collecting category does not turn-on the collector, he/ she should avoid it and move on to one that does. Affordability should never outweigh personal preference.

Capturing the Essence of Summer

Oh how I love the fresh southern breezes of summertime! Whether it’s the sweet scent of Magnolia or the crisp fragrance of Lavender, my memories are always stirred by Mother Nature’s sensory gifts. Lucky for us, with a little advance planning, her gifts can keep on giving.

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