Trying to Find the Missing Jewelry Pieces

I have a "thing" for Earrings.  I just cannot help myself!  But in buying an abundance of earrings, I find myself always looking for the "other" pieces that match from a parure.  It's kind of a game I play with myself.  Like playing the old Concentration game from the 1960s and 1970s.  Looking behind each door and hoping for a match.  I've tried to Not purchase earrings every where I go, but I just cannot resist all the unique, unusual and pretty ones.  Unfortunately, I still have a hundred or more pairs of earrings awaiting their matching brooches, necklaces, and bracelets.

Remake This Room on Ruby Lane - Vintage Kitchen Hutch

"The Inspiration"

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"The Remake"

1.) Antique 18C French Country China Hutch Bookcase, $4675, click here. 2.) Venetian Murano Glass Chandelier, $5400, click here. 3.) 19th Century French Mannequin Petite Dress Form, $325, click here. 4.) Vintage 3pc. Winterling Roslau Bavaria Courting Couple Gold Trim China Set, $50, click here. 5.) American still life painting of roses circa 1900, $395, click here.

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Remake this Look on Ruby Lane - 1920s Vintage Flapper

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) Exceptional 1920's Gold Lame Beaded Dress - Great Sz, $1800, click here. 2.) Flapper Era Beaded Fringe Silk Crepe Dress 1920s, $295, click here 3.) Boho Elegant Rare Hattie Carnegie Fringed Earrings with Victorian Flair, $325, click here. 4.) Great Gatsby Era Flapper's Cloche circa 1924 Stands Out as One of the Finest Examples of Early Cloche Styles, $475, click here. 5.) Heavy Estate 18K Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl Long Flapper Necklace, $8588. click here.


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Collectible Plastic Costume Jewelry

Just as a rag, a bone, and a hank of hair may be used to describe that extraordinary creation known as woman, so carbolic acid, soya beans, and sour cow’s milk might be used to designate the myriad fantastic, rainbow-hued objects which come under the common designation of plastics.”
(Life Magazine, 1940)

Jacqueline Rehmann, author of Classic American Costume Jewelry Volumes I and 2, and I have had many interesting discussions about our love of costume jewelry. One of her areas of expertise is in vintage plastics and it’s one of her favorites; why is that so, Jacqueline?

Plastics have had a long and profound influence on modern life. Over many decades, clever chemists have experimented with just about everything you can imagine to make them. At times it was a rocky road; from explosions to fire, the right combination of ingredients often proved elusive. Nevertheless it has been a resilient business (if you’ll pardon the pun); during the Great Depression the plastics industry was one of the few to thrive. And the manufacture of costume jewelry was one of the great successes of this industry.

The Stick Pin: A Little Accessory With a Big Purpose

I have been collecting stick pins for some years now and have quite a few. I have always thought that they were delicate and pretty. People like them because they are unique and not seen much in fashion today.

The Adventures of Flea Marketing

Let me declare, that I am a passionate collector! (as I’m sure most online sellers are!) Not many things excite me more than the opportunity to poke around a flea market because you never know what treasures, bargains, needs, wants or fripperies are waiting to be discovered!

Ruby Lane 15-year Anniversary Contest for August

Ruby Lane's 15-year anniversary! Ruby Lane is celebrating its 15th year in business. New contest for August! Enter the contest by Writing a Funny Caption for the PHOTO above!

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Making the Search Engines Work

Many shoppers search on Ruby Lane for quality items. Buyers often search for a specific item to replace one that is broken or to complete a set. Many shoppers also find our items through a Google search. Writing a title for an item is similar to writing a headline. Use key words to capture the reader’s attention as you describe an item.

Storing and Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

I love sterling silver jewelry. Yes, it tarnishes, where gold jewelry does not, but this just adds to the appeal to me, especially since I like vintage jewelry more than new jewelry. The patina from sterling tarnish just adds to the look, in my opinion. To have your sterling jewelry continue to look good, though, there are some things you should do when it comes to both storage and cleaning.

The Magic of Pinterest: It Nearly Tripled My Shop's Traffic

I am not the first to blog about this nor will I or should I be the last. If you aren't actively using Pinterest you aught to start taking it seriously. Pinterest is for us!

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