Collecting Cowboys

Well, Pard, the Cowboy is a collector. A quick look in Cowboy Rick’s Corral of Collectibles and you will see some of what Cinsababe and I have gathered over the years. As we have gone down the trail on horseback (that’s what we call our RV) since 2004, I’ve collected many other things not listed in the shop like seashells from the beach at Naval Station Mayport and pinecones from forests nationwide including the largest pinecone called the “Widow Maker” from the Coulter pine of the Santa Ynez Valley in California and the small cones from the mighty Sequoias in California.

Confessions of an Imperfect Perfectionist

Oh, how quickly the month passes!

As a perfectionist, I was *horrified* to discover that the final paragraph of my first blog did not appear the way I *thought* I had written it. Please, Kind Reader, allow me to make amends!

Cleopatra : A Woman Who Inspires Us

A 1929 copy of Vogue magazine had me day dreaming one recent afternoon. As I turned a page I saw the face of a woman who has inspired us for over 2000 years. She is instantly recognizable by millions whether stylized in a 1929 Art Deco illustration, mod or retro, voluptuously Victorian or demure and coy. And as long as there have been print ads, she has been selling products from Palmolive soap to bras to nail polish to cigars to swimsuits and even something she could have never dreamed of—chiffon stockings. Yes, this ad claimed that if she lived today “Cleo” would absolutely have patronized their brand.

Introducing Ruby Read: Ruby Lane's New Online Magazine

Ruby Read (pronounced Red) is Ruby Lane's brand new online magazine. View the August issue here:

Remake this Look on Ruby Lane - A Polka Dot Kind of Day

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"


1.) Vintage 1950s Rockabilly Dress Red with White Polka Dots Ladies Size Small Medium, $96, click here. 2.) Bakelite red beads vintage necklace. Bold sensual jewelry, $65, click here. 3.) Vintage Beaded Earrings. Hong Kong. Christmas Red, $19, click here. 4.) 1800s Near Mint Cond Wicker Rocker w Cane Seat and Oak Frame Extra Nice Must See, $355, click here.


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A Bucket List Road Trip!

From adolescence on, music has brought me great enjoyment! One of my favorite bands are the Eagles, therefore, when I learned they were on tour with Joe Walsh nonetheless; I had to find out where! After all, who knew when the next opportunity would arise to see them live! Researching the cities closest in proximity, I discovered the band was playing at the Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center, which is near the original site of historical Woodstock!

The WWII Flight Jacket : A True Story

A great many items of interest came out of the fireplace corner closet in the parlor when my mother began in earnest to downsize, but I was totally unprepared for the Karma we would soon experience with one piece.

My family has always been one to believe in things always having a way of working out, but the way this one worked out was downright spooky.

The Magic of Pinterest - Part 2

So you have realized Pinterest really is important and you have made a mental note to find the time (somewhere between the hundred other things you need to do a day) to start pinning!

The key marketing aim for us as shop owners is to both enhance general traffic to our store (even if those visitors are just popping in to select images to pin) as this extra traffic will help your Google ranking tremendously. In addition we want to help our items reach those specific collectors who are active on Pinterest (of which there are many).

Collectible Vintage Plastic Costume Jewelry Part 2

Today I am continuing my discussion with costume jewelry expert and author Jacqueline Rehmann, digging deeper into identifying the vintage plastics used in costume jewelry. As a shop owner I want to be sure that I am correctly describing items that I am listing in our shop on Ruby Lane.

Remake This Room on Ruby Lane - A Writers Corner

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"


1.) Ship In A Bottle, $140, click here. 2.) 1911 Royal No.5 Typewriter, $900, click here. 3.) Art Deco Goose-Neck Desk Light Embossed, $100, click here. 4.) Red and Black Sleek Wooden Dip Pen, $75, click here. 5.) Commentaries on the Laws of England by William Blackstone, 1791, $495, click here.

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