Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Life has gotten in my way of maintaining my shop. Consequently, I have not been selling much. So when I recently received a notice of a purchase order, I jumped with glee.

I sent a note thanking the buyer for her purchase. I promised her I'd get the package ready to send out as soon as possible. I searched in the storeroom like a mother searching for her lost chick and delighted when I found the beauty.

It Is Time to Think of the Holidays

As the days turn to Autumn, it is only a matter of a few weeks before Ruby Lane Shop owners will begin to think about the Holidays and sprucing up their shops for the season. It occurred to me that it might be helpful if we shared some thoughts on making the season successful.

Identifying Georgian and Victorian Jewelry Reproductions: Part 2

My Visit to the Gem and Bead Show

Identifying Georgian and Victorian Jewelry Reproductions: Part 1

The time honored method of learning how to identify antique jewelry is by handling a lot of it, learning from knowledgeable experts, and by studying it in books and museums. But especially with older pieces like Georgian and early Victorian, how do you learn to distinguish the real stuff from fakes - also known as “reproductions” - when you don’t have a mentor and/or are in a market where genuine pieces may not be readily available to study?

The History of Carnelians

Since the Bronze Age in world history, people have appreciated the beauty of the semi-precious gemstone, Carnelian. A form of chalcedony, carnelians get their color from iron oxide. The translucent colors range from pale orange to rich, reddish brown.

Remake this Look on Ruby Lane - Vintage Liz Taylor

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"


1.) Always: Pearl Diamond Earrings, $1876, click here. 2.) 1940's Tiered Net Evening Gown - Millie B. Oppenheimer S, $495, click here. 3.) Ode to French Art Deco Diamond Bracelet, $12,751, click here

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Vintage on the Big Screen

On Sunday, September 29, 2013 Showtime will premier their 12 part series “Masters of Sex” based on the famous research team Masters and Johnson. It stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan as William Masters and Virginia Johnson, Masters and Johnson.

What is Selling at the Antique Mall This Fall

The days are cooler and the leaves are changing color. Tourists are taking fall rides on the weekend and attending weddings in town. I recently worked two days at the local antique mall and tracked the items that sold. This may help booth renters and Ruby Lane shop owners. I restock at the mall every Monday. I can see what sold, change a price or two, and bring in some new items. Our slowest weekend was Labor Day because of family outings.

Michal Negrin: From Humble Beginnings to Fortune and Fame

I recently had a beautiful vintage rose necklace and earring set that was very unusual in its detailing and overall appearance. When I looked at the marking, I discovered that it was made by Michal Negrin. Who exactly is Michal Negrin? That’s the question I asked myself. I typed her name into Google and her website popped up.

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