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The Remake

1. Bed Frame   2. Quilt    3.  Bellows    4.  Skis   5.  Coffee table   6.  Magazine Rack

Charmed, I'm Sure

On my daughter’s 9th birthday, she received her very first charm bracelet. Over the past several months, charms have been added to represent who she is: a puppy dog charm for her beloved Dani (a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix), a blue high-top tennis shoe for her favorite color and love of Converse sneakers, a turtle, a cupcake, and “Happy Birthday” so she will always remember when she received it.

Harry Rinker: Celebrity Bounce - Secondary Memorabilia Market

The death of a major movie star, such as the recent death of Shirley Temple Black, results in a great deal of media attention. What impact does it have on the value of that person’s memorabilia?

Ruby Read Magazine - February 2014 - Hearts Afire

Vintage Finds
Collecting: Mad about Majolica
I Heart This: Vintage Hearts
Designer Spotlight: Barry Dixon
The Magical Porcelain of Royalty: Herend History
and more!

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The Meaning of a Date Code on my Louis Vuitton Items

PRE 1980 – Vintage Louis Vuitton – Have No Date Codes

Louis Vuitton started using date codes in the early 1980’s. Since this is the case you will not find a date code on LV handbags in the earlier years and the early 1980’s. You can tell the bag is vintage by the LV hardware which is brass and usually will have green patina around the hardware buttons. Be sure to check the lining and leather stitching for authenticity.

Rinker's Opinion: Lack of Professional Organizations in the Antiques Trade

Why does the antiques and collectibles field not have strong professional organizations?

Got a Countertop Range? Don’t Ditch the Griswold

Or the Revereware, or the Corning Visions, for that matter! Vintage cookware can be right at home on a new counter style stovetop. If you’ve headed to the appliance department to replace an electric stove, don’t let the salesperson convince you that a countertop model won’t work with your precious vintage pots and pans.

Rinker's Opinion: Regionalism Still Plays a Role in Collecting

Although there is now a global collecting community, it appears regionalism still plays an important role in determining what is collected, where it is collected, and value. Is this correct?

Caring for Vintage Louis Vuitton Bags

How to keep your New Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas clean:

1st Always remember to keep your Louis Vuitton completely full inside and a cloth around the outside when NOT in use. This will keep the Louis Vuitton canvas from cracking and keep your bag in shape. The monogram canvas is made out of vinyl which is plastic which tends to crack when it is used. To keep your Louis Vuitton monogram canvas crack free keep your bag away from hard water and out of the sun for long periods of time. Don’t leave your bag in a hot car or hot trunk. This will cause cracking.

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