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New to vintage clothing as a business (I've been wearing vintage since my high school days), I was roaming through racks clothing at one of my haunts that I get to visit twice a year.

The colors hit me first. Then the intricate knitting and the quality of the seam work captivated me. I knew I had found a dress worthy of taking home with me.

I went home with my treasure and put the dress on my mannequin. I snapped a few pictures, trying hard to capture the colors and line of the dress, but the pictures didn't do justice to the dress.

Readying my dress for sale, I searched for a label on the dress and the label was Goldworm!

Over time I learned that Samuel and Gertrude Goldworm started Goldworm Sportswear in New York City in the late 1920s. In 1953 Mr. Goldworm passed away and their son, Robert then headed the company bringing in a younger look to the Goldworm line. I had the honor of interviewing Susan Goldworm, daughter of Robert and she was gracious enough to share her memories and her personal photos as well.

When asked " Where did your father get his ideas for the patterns that were used?

Susan replied: Growing up I was surrounded by all kinds of art. There were stacks and stacks of "coffee table" books and pictures and sculptures lined the walls and nooks of our home. A great deal of my fathers designs were influenced by, the artists Mondrian, van Gogh, Jasper Johns, Paul Klee, and Picasso to name a few. He was also influenced by the world around him, for example, examining a stone wall for the patterns that lay inside its design. I think he viewed the world as a painting (through an artist's eye) looking for beautiful intricate patterns it beholds. He would then translate these patterns to his garments. He loved color and bold prints which complemented the simplicity of the style and the tailoring of the knits. This combination created a loyal customer base, and his dresses were showcased at many of the top retail stores.

So here are a few of my favorite photos that Susan Goldworm shared.

Goldworm Sports Illustrated March 3, 1958





From the personal collection of Susan Goldworm







Robert Goldworm at his desk





Susan and Robert Goldworm November of 1991







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