Heritage Heirlooms: Blue Willow Part II - Manufacturers & Marks

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  • Dating specific Blue Willow pieces is extremely difficult. There are many factors in doing so, due to the subjects that make up the pattern. Such as, the number of orange trees, the number of people, the shape of the bridges and buildings, and the number and size of the birds. Copeland states the blue of early patterns was very dark.Through the years when manufacturing the process became more precise the pattern was produced in many shades of blue.
  • Many early pieces were not marked and dating Blue Willow becomes difficult. The body type, glaze, and patterns of the piece give clues to wether it is from early, middle, or late eras.
  • The mark of a maker or manufacture found on the back of a piece does not always tell you the exact year. But, it will give you the time period an item was made.
    Geoffrey A. Goddard of England put an extreme amount of research in Blue Willow of England origin, thus making it easier to date from other countries There are approximately 100 English marks. Often, The English registry mark is misread. The dates are a reference when the shape, style or design was fist registered and not when the item was made. Also, not all pieces made after 1842 have a registry mark at all.

The pictures below are some examples of English Blue Willow Manufacture Marks.

Ridgeway Mark
Johnson Bros.
Circa After 1927
"Willow England"





Bakewell Bros. Ltd.
"Ye Olde Willow"
Circa 1927 - 1943





Johnson Bros.
"Willow England"
After 1912






Buffalo Pottery Company of Buffalo, NY was the first in the United States to produce the Blue Willow pattern, in 1905. After, that many other American pottery companies started to produce Blue Willow items. Many companies produced restaurant dinnerware in Blue Willow and some foreign countries produced the restaurant ware for the United States . Stating both the country and state in the makers mark.

The pictures below display examples of United States Blue Willow.

Buffalo Pottery 
Carr China Company
Buffalo, NY
Made in USA
Circa 1911




Royal China Company
Circa 1949 - 1960





Circa Unknown







Homer Laughlin
Made In The USA
Circa 1942



Carr China
Restaurant Ware
United States



The Blue Willow of Japanese origin is greatly from the 20th century. The pieces are marked with various initials and symbols combined with or only marked JAPAN, MADE IN JAPAN, or OCCUPIED JAPAN. It is difficult to say what companies or potterys that the mark may stand for.

Also, some marks were just used for American importing companies. Therefore, dating Japanese wares from the 20th Century is more attributed to different time periods.

Circa 1921  - 1953




There are other miscellaneous foreign countries that were makers of Blue Willow. Among them are France before and after 1891; Germany the 20th Century; Holland before and after 1891; and Poland the 20th Century.

Holland Mark
Petrus Regout , Maestricht
Before 1891



This concludes Blue Willow Part II - Manufacturers and Marks.Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please watch for the next article.

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