Astro Pack Rats - CANCER - 22 Jun to 22 Jul

Jeanne Adwani – Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, and years of indulgence in the Metaphysical sciences; story telling via the Tarot, and numerology… I bring this astrology column to you for your enjoyment. True to my Sun and my Moon, I am a resourceful recycler, with an eye for the unique and creative.  In this column, consider either your Sun or your Moon sign when reading them. Let me answer your questions, if they rise to the surface of your curiosity. We invite you to take a moment and visit Jeanne's Ruby Lane shop In-To-Wit at


The FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS on the 18th gave rise to exquisite grandeur, and the opening of your heart and mind to an expanded vision of what is TRUE for you. A pouring of ideas and information is rushing in on you; it is important in these days to hold to your vision; talk it out, feel the flow and not attach yourself to a rush of fanatic ‘truth’ that may not serve your life and those you care for. When you feel ready – give your vision a physical form or else it will just be a great big pipe dream.

SUMMER SOLSTICE. The longest day and shortest night Mid-Summer’s Eve. How might you align yourself with the abundance that comes with summer's ripening? What is ripening within you that you desire to bring to fruition? MERCURY GOES DIRECT…. Impatient energy shifts. Communication becomes clearer. Lights come on. Phones blow out less. Transportation doesn't feel so congested even if it is. Sound and space isn't so darn loud and distracting. Laughter pushes past the disgruntled and we might as well laugh it all off anyway.

 CANCER: 22 JUN – 22 JUL:  Summers first children born to the days of ripening. What was planted begins to bear fruit – summer flowers, and warm winds. With Mercury going direct, you will begin to feel like all the busy chatter around you starts to calm down. Giving beauty to your home and work space is really important right now although you feel there are jobs that MUST get done before you can give yourself to those jobs that are fun. Don't get caught in feeling that it all is too overwhelming and you get all moody and over-reactive. Take your time. "When God made time, he made plenty of it." (Irish saying) You have as much time as you need. You probably don’t need one more little collectible in your house…ah, well…just one more.

LEO:  JUL 23 – AUG 22:  Use that fiery energy of yours to get things down. Focus. Be mindful of how you use your personal power. Not power over something where winning is everything…rather the power of integrity and healthy self-esteem. Later born Leos may face an old issue or two around an old truth that really wasn't what you thought it was. (You early born Leos are already well aware of this.) The past maybe creeping in on you and it’s time to give it completion. It’s a done deal and why let it have such a hold on you??? Give yourself to the greatness of what is happening – RIGHT NOW! I say, collect some good exercise equipment and work out your frustrations by staying healthy and fit.

VIRGO: 23 AUG – 22 SEP: Solstice brings a bit of moodiness to those of you that can’t have fun when there is soooo much to be responsible for. Hey, it's summer, you're not going to lose your job over a small detail. Feel the expansion of ideas and the deepening of how strongly you feel about the world and the health of this planet and yourself. Know that you can make a difference by making the little things you do enough. If you need to take on more, make it things that are doable in your immediate world, rather than overwhelming yourself with the big picture. Mercury going direct will help you remember that most people do what they say they are going to do even though the last few weeks made you question that. Be a 'Pack Rat' for the Sun. Feel it on your face while you take a long walk in the park.

 LIBRA: 23 SEPT – 22 OCT: …….Thank heavens that Mercury is going direct on the Solstice; cause you have been thinking that everything is all talk, over emotional and no action. You maybe considering taking a unique and radically creative step that has felt thwarted by one thing after another. Well, the time is changing for that and get ready IF you really mean it. It is important to stay focused and keep your dream from being side stepped by taking the easy route. Unique and unusual does not mean faddy or extreme. Hold clear to your intention, keep good boundaries, follow your plan, and make it happen. If the 'Pack Rat' is tapping you on your shoulder, collect some nice peaceful music.

SCORPIO:  23 OCT – 21 NOV: Summer is good for you. Basking in the hot Sun on a big flat rock at the lake, getting so hot, you have to dive into that cool refreshing water. Ahhh…yes. Ever diving deep into something or another aren't you. There is for you these days, the challenge to step up to not only how you feel about everything, but also the responsibility of sharing these feeling and being aware of how you impact others with how you decide to 'flow' through life. I imagine that as the month ends and next month begins you will feel like others are finally 'getting' your distinctive perspective and the new twist to your philosophy of life that has been brewing and bubbling within you for awhile. 'Be the change you wish to see.' Dive deep because it makes a difference to your world. Help revolutionize the way others feel about how this planet is going. Be kind to your passions. Your Pack Rat might like to collect old political posters or those little badges to pin on you coat.

SAGITTARIUS: 22 NOV – 21 DEC: The Full Moon in your sign sets this next summer month in action. Mercury is free to move forward and this frees you to make decisions, take a trip, pursue your love of philosophy, or whatever vision has been frustrated these past few weeks. You could be on a roll. Keep to your health and diet program so your energy is not compromised. You might feel the nip of someone's words that affected you from your past and now wish to settle into your now. If they were negative, disregard them as soon as you can. History is exactly that. Gone now…bye, bye. Be inspired by the positive things that surround you. Hold to the integrity of your word. Get a little journal and collect quotes from everyone who inspires you.

 CAPRICORN:  22 DEC – 19 JAN Solstice brings the Moon into your sign. Feelings are high! Jupiter says, "Don’t be afraid to feel those big feelings. Let them lead you to a larger vision that is rich and full." Venus shines her face on you just as the Sun does. These are good times Capricorn. Allow yourself to feel them. Dream big. Be what you profess yourself to be and believe it. Frustrations around jobs getting done and relying on others will begin to shift. It can all come together now as you hold your vision with clear intent. Relax with a 'Pack Rat' outing. Stop at a few garage sales for treasures

AQUARIUS:  20 JAN – 18 FEB This unusual moodiness that keeps slithering into your mind and heart hasn't quite given up yet. If might feel like everyone you meet reminds you of someone you knew before. Heck, someone you knew before maybe trying to reconnect with you. The energy around all this might feel confusing and you distrust the possible outcome. Trust where you are now and know that you do not have to engage in anything that is not for your highest good. Energy is high so let that energy focus on being the creative person you can't help but be. Do activities that give you a sense of stability and a connection to earthy things – garden…. long walks on the beach collecting stones and shells…. building something. Go 'Pack Rat' yourself to a few good galleries to see what other artists are doing.

PISCES: 19 FEB – 20 MAR: Summer is beach time…yippee.!!! A pool – a lake – a pond – puddle – you want to splash around in some body of water. Feel the Sun bring you to a good sweat and then go for a swim. Be careful to not go swimming in someone else's emotional body of water (if you get my meaning). This summer could be a time to take your energy and direct it to a project that you have started but have put off and now it needs your attention. GET it Done!! Feel successful. There is beauty in the journey to completion. Love may have you swooning a bit. Like I said, "watch where you 'pour' yourself." Collect all your fearful feelings and put them in an imaginary box. Take the box and imagine you going to the biggest ocean and throwing all those feelings into the sea. They sink to the deepest place and dissolve away.

 ARIES: 21 MAR – 19 APR: Energy fills you, details bore you, emotions trip you, and you need to explore them all. It might feel safer on the surface of your life than having to go too deep. And, responsibility keeps knocking on your Aries door to take your big visualization of how you wish your life to be and make it happen without disregarding everyone else feelings and their vision. Your sign can often need others to support them that know how to get things done and have the ability to take your fast moving mental images to a place that makes sense. Be sure you let others support you who can hone your creative output into a solid foundation and don't restrict your independence. Go collect those kinds of people this month.

TAURUS: 20 APR – 20 MAY: Summer… Keep watering what you sowed this last spring and watch it grow. I mean that metaphorically and literally. From your garden to your work… to your family and friends…to your greater dream of how you want your life to proceed. Reap what you sow. These are good times for you and don’t you dare let the lazy bug tell you, "maybe tomorrow" because it feels so easy right now. Nope… get on it… get busy. Talk your talk. Let the joy of a job well crafted fill you. Your inner 'Pack Rat' needs some loving, so you probably could use a comfortable new computer chair and an estate sale, leather couch.

GEMINI: 21 MAY – 21 JUN: The restriction of Mercury has lifted itself from your domain and you can now feel free to chat away. Communications will be back on track. Cars will not break down, (well.. hopefully)… the computer will quit acting up and losing information… your cell phone will stop blowing you out. Yep… the world of communications is going to get back on track and you will be feeling good!!! These are times when you might be questioning old ways of thinking that don't work anymore. Now is the time to reframe your standard method of thinking and step out of the box. Write some things down that you desire to change and see if you can begin that process slowly. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Use your energy wisely and creatively and you will be rewarded. I believe that your 'Pack Rat' nature could use a lovely collection of martini glasses - each one unique and from a different artist.

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