The Ruby Lane Experience Part III - Pass It On

Here you are in the virtual world of Ruby Lane. You stroll from shop to shop finding treasures you have been searching for. You look at an item. Maybe, your eye catches another picture at the bottom of the page and you jump to that item and peek at it.

Then you notice there are just a small number of items in the shop. You look at the About Me section and the date they opened their shop and discover the shop is a new addition to Ruby Lane. You think to yourself, This is a very nice job for a new shop.' What a great start and a great addition to Ruby Lane. It's time to be a good neighbor and write a quick e-mail applauding the newcomer’s efforts.

As I said in my last entries, we are a community of collectors. Some shops are big. Some are small. Some are extensions of brick and mortar businesses. Some are making their first baby steps in the selling game. Here's what you can do to reach out and embrace the Ruby Lane community:

  • If you are checking out the featured shops for the day and see a catchy shop name, email the shop owner and tell them that their name is 'really neat'. It only takes a minute and it spreads good will for a job well done.
  • You are searching for an item and you end up on a site that has just a few items in it and is a new shop. Welcome them to Ruby Lane. Understand that some are lonely and uncertain when they get started. Let them know you are glad they joined the Lane.
  • You made a sale and the customer has let you know they are looking for another, similar piece. Email the customer and let them know  if you do or don't have it. That's simple enough. But go the extra mile if you know another shop owner has the item on their site and email the customer that information, too. Good business means being a good neighbor.
  • Remember the Santa in the movie, "Miracle on 34th Street?." He worked at Macy’s and sent people to Gimbel's if they were looking for an item that Macy’s didn't have. In the end, both Macy's and Gimbel's profited – and the customer does, too.
  • If you read an interesting blog item that is written well or very enlightening, write them they did a good job! Or, better yet, add a comment to the blog. The comment section is just below the article. You do have to register but it is a simple process, just add a user name, your email address, and a password will be sent to you.

Some may accuse me of being a Pollyanna and making more work for myself, but I believe it's just being a good neighbor. Others have been good neighbors to me on Ruby Lane. I always try to pass it on.

 Carol Henckel

CarMel Collectibles


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