Decorating with Family Heirloom China

I have been blessed with many family heirlooms. Now where do I put them? I recently started to bring them out and display them through out my house. My favorite is a display of dishes from past grandmothers, great grandmothers and aunts and my mother. I had only one plate or cup, so I found some plate hangers and started to place them on the wall in my dining room. I “piggy backed” some to make them look more 3-dimensional. I found cup and saucer wall holders that work great. Since most of my heritage started in Wyoming, I bought a Wyoming souvenir plate and placed it in the middle to highlight the plates. The extra plates I had I packed away for my children or for the rest of my family to share in their homes.

I have several plates that are broken or chipped, and up until now, I have kept them. I decided to start shopping to replace them and I have been lucky to find most of the replacements on Ruby Lane. I also started buying other sets to have for my children.

My mother had real china tea sets when she was little; and I have been fortunate to acquire them over the years. While shopping in a local antique shop, I found the perfect case in which to display them. I placed them on the shelf, displaying the plates and cups together and I had room to show off my grandmother’s teacups as well. These are just an example of ideas to use while decorating your house with family heirlooms.

Mary Falkenburg
Falkys Treasures

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