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I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out who made this little spill
vase. It's a circular mark, with "Made in" at center and "USA" on the bottom. The maker's name appears at the top inside of the circle, but is too smudged to make out. The first letter appears to be a C or G, there are 8 letters or characters. The third looks like it might be an ampersand.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for offering this service.



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  Hello Jan and thanks for your inquiry.

Although your mark is severely faded, based on your description and general style of your lovely Figurine, we were able to recognize this mark as that used by COVENTRY WARE, Inc. The 8-lettered word near the top reads COVENTRY.

This company was established in Barberton, OH, USA, in 1932 as DIOR STUDIOS by Mrs. Carrie Daum. It was soon renamed to COVENTRY WARE, Inc., ca 1940s. It started as a small Decorative Studio making primarily Art Ceramics, Ceramic Plaques etc, mostly out of Plaster. During the 1940s they begun producing Figurines, some Decorative Tableware etc. Most well known Modeler & Designer at that Studio was Elaine Carlock, who very likely may have designed your piece. It dates ca 1940s - 1950s.

The company closed around 1968.

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