Kensitas Silk Flowers - 1930's Tobacciana

Ruby Lane Shops offer a large selection of tobacciana collectibles including the free give aways such as the decorative silk flower and flag swatches given away by the Kenistas cigarette company. Click here to view the many tobacciana collectibles on Ruby Lane.

About Kensitas Silk Flowers



Kensitas Silk Flowers - 100 different woven silk flowers, in stunning colours, in three different sizes - all given away free in the 1930's with Kensitas Cigarettes!

Each of the flowers came encased in its own descriptive folder. The small size was included in the packets of ten cigarettes; a medium size silk with the packets of twenty; and a postcard size came with the tins of 50 cigarettes.

Initially a set of the same 60 flowers was issued in both the Small and Medium size silks, and then a further set of 40 was produced. Just one set of 30 of the Postcard size was issued, each of which had two flowers displayed.Over the years, many colour and design variations of these silks have been discovered, which are eagerly sought by collectors.



Albums were made available, each of which held a complete issue of one of the size sets.

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