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"Using Vintage Shelf Edging & Tablecloth “Cutters” to Decorate Kitchens Shelves, Cabinets & Cupboards"

One of the best ways to create the feeling of a vintage kitchen is to use original shelving paper, trim, wallpaper and textiles in the colors, patterns and themes which prevailed during different eras. During the Colorful eras of the 40s and , 50s kitchen accessories were bold and often whimsical. It was common to see curtains, tablecloths, appliance covers, oil cloth and shelving paper with images of fruit, flowers, kitchen wares, teapots, Mexicana, roosters, poodles, Scotties, dots, stripes and plaids.
You can still find original packages of shelf paper and borders although you may pay a premium price for these adorable treasures of the past ($12.00-18.00 or more). Back in the day, homemakers would cover kitchen shelves with this shelf lining paper which would be folded down to show a decorative border; or, a separate scalloped trim could be applied to the shelf edge with thumbtacks. The Royal Lace Paper Works Company in Brooklyn, New York, marketed these products under the name Royledge.


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