Astro Pack Rats - 20th APR - 20th MAY - Taurus

Jeanne Adwani – Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, and years of indulgence in the Metaphysical sciences; story telling via the Tarot, and numerology… I bring this astrology column to you for your enjoyment. True to my Sun and my Moon, I am a resourceful recycler, with an eye for the unique and creative.  In this column, consider either your Sun or your Moon sign when reading them. Let me answer your questions, if they rise to the surface of your curiosity. We invite you to take a moment and visit Jeanne's Ruby Lane shop In-To-Wit at

TAURUS: 20 APR – 20 MAY:

Luxuriate in the comfort of knowing that you can really work the “I’m special and valuable” because it is after all your birthday month and it is Spring!! Get massages from your sweetie or anyone – foot rubs; any kinda rub will make you happy. The Full Moon begins Taurus time and I invite you to consider, as Spring opens wide her arms to you Earthy types, what do ou most value and feel you need to direct your responsibilities toward??? What ‘Fullness’ do you feel inside of yourself that needs your attention? Early born Taurus may feel the pull of career and the right time to really dig those stubborn feet into what you believe is necessary to accomplish. Later born Taurus, you maybe feeling a particularly expansive sense of self; ready to let the Fates carry you to your next level of accomplishment. Be careful with your temper and aggression; watch your gambling spirit. Careful.. Care-full. Don’t be so darn pushy and demanding. Indulge your packrat self with well made, solid heirloom items. A beautiful old clock? A nice old Moroccan rug might be a treat to own!!

GEMINI: 21 MAY – 21 JUN:

Spring fever has got you all wired up. You’re excitable and some people are finding you a little over stimulating. Be mindful of your impact. You have the gift of gab and the time is right to really use your communication skills to benefit your career. Pay attention to details that you sometimes don’t consider important. Don’t let your ‘other twin’ act negatively. Try not to let other people’s stern behavior confuse you. Notice the joy and love around you. Later born Gemini may feel the pull of intrigue, a mystery has resurfaced in your life, and you have the opportunity to demystify it. To stay grounded, what if you take that collection of old silver forks and make a wind chime out of them? Ok…maybe that is a strange idea.

 CANCER: 22 JUN – 22 JUL:

Have you been feeling unusually edgy and aggressive; quick to crawl back in your little shell with crabby feelings that you thought you already worked through?  There feels like a certain pressure on you that has no relief and it comes and goes, comes and goes…You might be startled by how powerful they impact you.Go with the flow. Be kind to yourself.Feel the challenge, do not BE the challenge.Consider them opportunities to know yourself and those closest to you better.You need a family junking trip.  Or grab your favorite ‘junking’ friend and take a quick road trip to your favorite Antique show for the weekend. Any weekend will do.. Sooner than later.

LEO:  JUL 23 – AUG 22:

Not that you don’t have depth, because you do. You just like to burn brighter than most of us on the surface. Sometimes that hides how emotionally deep you are. This could be a powerful relationship time for you, especially for those of you born toward the beginning of May. The challenge will be to not move to fast and to nurture it all slowly. Your generous nature wants to give big presents and showy enthusiasm. Let mystery unfold. A New beginning? Rekindle the flame of your present love? However that rises for you, try to remain grounded. Maybe… just maybe your need to collect is stimulated by gift giving. What special treat might you find on the antique trail that will really light up the life of someone you love?

VIRGO: 23 AUG – 22 SEP:

You like details and organization and that’s what you get.  Busy, busy, busy; project after project. I’m tired just thinking about what you get yourself into.  Be sure to take time for the outside and gardening. Long walks, runs, whatever it is that lets you smell the air and feel the dirt under your feet.Yes, you can get dirty. I know that can be hard for Virgos. I don’t recommend mud wrestling.  I do recommend a good grubby flea market.  Tho’ that may not be your favorite way to find treasures, it would be a good way right now.  Dig around in old boxes, and open up those messy jewelry cases…dig around a little. Get going Virgo.

 LIBRA: 23 SEPT – 22 OCT:

Love and All that is beautiful are looking you in the eye. If you aren’t seeing that, then you might take a closer look. Open yourself to possibilities. What are you gonna do about it? Spring-cleaning is nice, so is cleaning your garden, and watching the spring flowers fill your yard – and…what about Love? It is a mystery waiting for you to get mysterious. You may not be able to make up your mind about what lovely things to add to the beauty of your surroundings and… you can window shop. Architectural art, a museum trip…fill your heart and eyes with possibilities and find that one special treat for yourself. You just might meet a beautiful, interesting person…

SCORPIO:  23 OCT – 21 NOV:

The Full Moon in Scorpio begins this new cycle and you feel your element working for you. Those big subjects; death, power, money, desire, magic; they are the stuff that stimulates your senses. Be aware that most people are uncomfortable discussing these topics. You don’t have to push them as far and deep as you are willing to go. Call on your other Scorpio type friends to share with you, as they thrive on diving into such issues. Scorpios that are born mid to late November, might be feeling that some unexplained feeling, force, mystery is brewing and that it needs your attention. Be mindful to not get trapped in the superstition of your belief about it. Superstition is based around ‘old’ magic. Keep it positive. Shine a light on it; every moment changes. Hey… I think you could add to your collection of magical treasures, a few old fortune telling books, cards, crystal ball… hmm? 


Expansive and broad thinking…ever seeking the vast philosophy of Life, is your trademark. Your enthusiasm lights the way for many, as long as they give you the freedom you desire without being clingy and needy. oooo, no clingy for you… The ‘stars’ these days call you to make your quest toward the unusually deeper mysteries of life. You’d rather the details of life be given to those that like them, and leave you alone. And… there are details you need to attend to; responsibilities that you cannot avoid. So…get to them. You can chase the mysteries of the mind and soul after you take care of business. The beginning of May makes for a lot of surface chatter and some fun. I imagine that ‘Sagg’ types are not into collecting like many other signs, as having too many things, is too much clutter; except for books and music. Maybe…you might consider musical instruments or exquisite writing tools from far away countries.


Early born ‘Caps’ may be feeling overwhelmed by the way the world is breaking down and working hard to not take the global issues into a negative personal space. It’s not your fault. And…you can pay more attention to recycling and the many other ways you can make a difference in your home and community. You are the change you wish to see; transforming your surroundings in positive ways make the whole world a better place. Later born ‘Caps’, explore some of those unique ideas that have been whirling around in your mind. This is a good time to let your enthusiasm show and put those clever ideas out into your world. Stretch your boundaries without going over the deep end. If you know what I mean? Why not consider adding a few unique Art Deco pieces to your living environment. Maybe a little Arts n’ Craft furniture?


There has been too much emotional display happening around. Mostly, it doesn’t make any sense to you and there it is… in your face. You feel like you have to be the one to keep it all calm, clear, interesting and fun. You need a road trip; some personal time to do what you want without feeling responsible for keeping it together for others. You need time to relax and reenergize so that you can return to hear it all again. It’s not over yet don’t take it personally. There is a romantic pull from someone either new, or a present love who wants to rekindle the flame…It’s a good time for that. You like the strange and unusual, so why not see what special oddness you can find on your mini road trip – a one-of-a-kind popcorn popper?

PISCES: 19 FEB – 20 MAR:

Have your dreams been particularly unusual for the past year, maybe longer? You do like your dreamtime and they have been pretty stimulating and real. Not a bad thing as long as you remember they are your subconscious working overtime and their messages are not as extreme as you might feel they are. You can be very productive these days, lots of energy is available to you and thinking ‘out of the box’ is really a good idea. A big plan needs quality details and you know how to attend to those details. Go with the flow. While you are ‘swimming in the world’, why not do some bargain shopping at a few garage sales on these beautiful spring weekends. Treasures are yours for pennies.

 ARIES: 21 MAR – 19 APR:

 Love is burning a path right to you. You are hot. If you are partnered, keep the home fire-blazing, stir clear of the flame of misadventure. There maybe frustration with those big plans you had about work related issues, or plans to begin a new project… slow down, their time will come. Don’t burn your proverbial candle at both ends. Not a good idea. Fires like to be fed, so feed your hot self with healthy food and lots of exercise. Helps the self-esteem when things aren’t going like you thought they would. You could burn a path right to your nearest auction house and gather some great finds for your antique booth or shop. Busy yourself with what you know works for you, as you create other pathways to alternatives.



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