Storing Vintage Textiles

Have you often puzzled over how to storage your vintage fashions? offers tips and no-nonsense advice on how to do it like a professional.

Archival storage is commercially available for textiles. Because it is quite expensive, it may be justified only for very valuable items. Since you will presumably be storing your vintage collection at home, you will need to follow certain principles to maintain them in good condition over time.


Before storing, make sure that clothing is as clean as possible. If the garments have a musty smell, air them indoors away from direct sunlight. To remove dust, first protect the surface with a piece of nylon mesh, and then vacuum at low speed, holding the vacuum attachment just above the textile.


Ironing is generally unwise, especially before cleaning. With a few exceptions, dry cleaning should be avoided. “Inspect costume items for insects and mildew. If anything is discovered, isolate the items in a sealed container immediately.”

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