The Importance of Professional-Looking Business Logos by Ruby Lane Shop Jantiques

I am a shop owner on Ruby Lane. My shop is called Jantiques. I am also a graphic designer, in business for over 30 years. I have been perusing other shops on the Lane, and am amazed at all of the unique and fascinating items being offered by shopkeepers here. What amazes me even more, though, is the lack of professionally designed store identities!

Ruby Lane does an excellent job at presenting the beautiful items available on the Lane. However, an unprofessional store identity detracts from the shop owner¹s professionalism. A well-designed logo literally puts your best foot forward, presenting the storefront as established, and the owner as a professional purveyor.

Many new small business owners put off having a professionally designed logo and marketing materials, often designing their own marketing materials when they launch their businesses. There are several reasons why this is not always a good business practice. Image is everything! Just as using substandard photography to present the items in your shop will likely result in lost sales, using materials that are not professionally designed makes your business appear small and can possibly indicate that you are not on par with other storefronts. Professionally designed identities portray stability, class, and professionalism. An amateurish identity promotes, well, amateurism. A well-thought out identity carries over to all aspects of marketing, presenting a focused, unified look on every piece of collateral your customers see, from business cards to newsletters, invoices and letterheads, even stickers for your packaging.

Every successful company understands the importance of branding. A logo helps to create this branding by contributing to your business's visibility, credibility, and memorability -- three factors that will help your business to grow and achieve success.

If you are interested in having a logo professionally designed, please contact me to discuss the possibilities. I will take into consideration not only the name of your shop, but the items you are selling, and your general outlook on what you and your store represent. From whimsical to staunch, your logo will convey the personality of both you and your shop, and potential customers will “meet” you at first glance.

Jan Radca

We invite you to visit Jan's shop:

(Note: The logo graphic that accompanies this article is an example of a good quality business logo.)

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