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Jeanne Adwani – Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, and years of indulgence in the Metaphysical sciences; story telling via the Tarot, and numerology… I bring this astrology column to you for your enjoyment. True to my Sun and my Moon, I am a resourceful recycler, with an eye for the unique and creative.  In this column, consider either your Sun or your Moon sign when reading them. Let me answer your questions, if they rise to the surface of your curiosity. We invite you to take a moment and visit Jeanne's Ruby Lane shop In-To-Wit at




ARIES: 21 MAR – 19 APR:

You bring us into Spring with all the fire and joy of initiating activity. The collector in you is fired up and ready to search for the biggest and best of what it is that is your newest collection.  Nothing will keep you from the ‘get-up and get going’! The Full Moon on the first day of Spring, the vernal Equinox, challenges you to balance what makes life comfortable and safe, and what makes life glorious and expansive. Watch out through the month with your relationships with authority. You like to be in charge! What a surprise…but sometimes you have to let it go and not be your own worst enemy by over controlling. Do you know what I mean? Expect to be challenged emotionally this month. Why?  Well, you would rather people did not see what a mushy person you can be – not the kind of attention you like most of the time. Have Fun and lots of Joy.

TAURUS: 20 APR – 20 MAY:

 So, what textures are you most interested in now? Being the sensualist that you are, seeking comfort and earthly sensation as frequently as you can, I wonder what Spring’s rising will invite you to collect: light silks with colorful Batik, carved wood, or exquisite pottery? The Full Moon in Libra on the 21st certainly encourages your body to feel the Spring breeze and beauty and comfort of your surrounding. The new moon on April 6, may invite you to explore a deeper involvement with what ‘feels right’ for you as the year unfolds. Pay attention.

GEMINI: 21 MAY – 21 JUN:

What’s not to like about Spring? You can’t shut up about it. You can’t wait to shed all the layers of winter (and not just your clothes) and feel the wind in your hair. You look for color and light. Any kites floating in your direction? Don’t let yourself be like a kite, go collect kites. The Full Moon gives you an emotional sense of beauty in everything that you see. The mystery of winter is taken over by the glory of Spring. Be sure to stay grounded, watch where you are going, and don’t talk too much on your cell in the car. Stay focused on what has true meaning for you. Keep balanced.

CANCER: 22 JUN – 22 JUL:

Organize the house, the garage, the studio, and the shed; make it all pretty. The Full Moon wants you to feel big. Yes, it is time to bring out the vintage garden ornaments. Don’t have any? Oh, NO, you must go collect some. Darn it, poor you! For some of you mid-month born Cancers, you may be feeling the pull to expand beyond your home front or bring the bigger world out there into your home. Are you ready for an in-home business? Then come sell with us on Ruby Lane. And, if you are already a Ruby Lane seller, go get the garden stuff out right now.

LEO:  JUL 23 – AUG 22:

You can be feeling big and beautiful right now. Your color palette loves bright bold patterns. Collecting a little Vera? Spring excites you because it means Summer is coming fast. Oh, how you love those hot summer days and nights. You have been feeling a little to caught in the emotions of certain people that feel like a mystery to you. You’re not quite getting it and it feels too big. It’s all a little to spongy and water to you. The Full Moon invites you to spill your fiery nature into the beauty of balance and perfection. Not that you are not perfectly balanced already… of course you are… <wink>

VIRGO: 23 AUG – 22 SEP:

How perfect is your Spring garden going to be? See the little heads of flowers poking through the winters cold? You start ‘this’ Astro month feeling a little challenged by what perfect thing to do first. You may be more in the talking phase than the actually doing. You early Virgos might be feeling the pressure of duty and responsibility weighing heavy for you right now – duty and service before pleasure. Maybe you’re feeling a little worried about your health. Listen to your body and let it guide you to what action needs taking. Go out and antique. Scour the countryside for a day of pleasure. You deserve it.

LIBRA:  23 SEPT – 22 OCT:

You begin this cycle feeling pretty darn good; balanced and even, just how you like it as long as people don’t probe to deeply into your personal stuff. Of course, YOU can probe into theirs. that’s not exactly fair for a fair abiding Libra. This could make you feel suddenly overly emotional and flair up in ways that you are extremely uncomfortable with and embarrassed that other might notice. Go with the breeze. Ground yourself in things of beauty, a sumptuous old leather chair; indulge in that overly expensive antique crystal chandelier you want (light your life up), or maybe expand your horizons and read a great, thought provoking book by Kahlil Gibran – just a thought.
SCORPIO:  23 OCT – 21 NOV:

How are you doing? Burying you in some emotional power struggle over who’s responsible for what? Do you think this is different from any of the other ones? It’s not. Stop it. Emotional times require staying grounded in doing something you love to do. If your going to ‘bury’ yourself in anything, why not unearth that stash of cash of yours and invest it in Gold doubloons. Oh, heck… rent a boat and go deep sea diving for treasures off the coast of Spain. Can’t do that? Ok, get out your metal detector and get to the beach.


Too much touchy feely for you these days; the Full Moon on the first day of Spring adds to the emotions that bubbly within you and you’d really rather no one took notice of that. I suggest you give yourself to making your body a temple of health by keeping yourself active and intellectually fit. What is it that you need to achieve right now? What ‘higher’ cause calls you to action? Instead of collecting anything right now, maybe instead you will find it interesting to discover what motivates collectors to collect – do some research?


You’re a winter baby (unless in the Southern Hemisphere). It comes natural to you to gather, horde, reuse, and recycle. You are a busy, busy person, paying attention to what needs doing and what is useful. Spring is a welcome change; it’s nice to see life rise from the gloom even though the gray doesn’t bother you like many others. Some of you Cap’s might be feeling moody and quick to get angry. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wants you to…yep…expand. You can be resistant to that kind of pushiness from friends and colleagues. You have your own rules and time. Relax with a day of antiquing that finds you selecting those special objects that are heirlooms; they last forever.


Feeling like you’re buzzing inside and can’t quite figure what to do with all that energy? It’s a mystery, it feels like it’s almost a ‘past life’ thing, and you desire to solve it. I say, “Give into it and let that creative, unique energy of yours flow.” Give it to the wind and let it carry you on a good day trip to some place that you haven’t been in a long time. Do it alone. You need some alone time and some freedom to do as you please without others demanding emotional attention. Nurture yourself. Is there a good vintage car show somewhere?

PISCES: 19 FEB – 20 MAR:

You start this Astro’ cycle still feeling very in touch with your feelings, very sensitive, and almost a little psychic. What is important to remember is you don’t know for sure, not 100%, thus be sure to not take your psychic experiences as the whole truth. If you have a ‘story’ going on about someone or something, be sure to ask them if you are right before your ‘story’ gets huge and way off the mark. Know what I mean? The little details matter right now and you must attend to them. STAY grounded. Go to a big pottery show. Imagine your hands in the clay that made those incredible Rookwood’s and Weller’s. Indulge in a purchase.



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