Online Appraisals: Are They For You?

Pro - An Affordable Appraisal Alternative: Hiring an expert antiques appraiser to evaluate one, or even a few, antique or collectible items can be quite costly. Most charge by the hour with a one or two hour minimum, so the fee can oftentime be higher than the worth of the item being evaluated unless you're looking at a real rarity.
Using an online appraisal service offers an affordable alternative, ranging from $9.95 to $29.95 in most cases, to obtain the value of a single item. Collection appraisals are also offered by some services at an increased cost, but still well below traditional in-person appraisal fees.

Con - Condition Factors Can't Be Evaluated Accurately: The possibility of overlooking condition issues is the main drawback to online appraisals. If you aren't completely honest about the condition of the item, it can't be evaluated accurately. The trouble is, unless you're an expert, you might not recognize pertinent condition issues for every object you submit for appraisal. Most online appraisers are adept at looking for signs of condition issues through photos, but in some instances it can still be difficult. Most online appraisers will pass on an evaluation if they feel they cannot offer an accurate appraisal given the photos and information provided. Click to read the complete article:

Please note that Ruby Lane is not an advocate of online appraisals as it is impossible to evaluate an item without seeing it in person, however we have chosen to publish this for educational purposes as online services are becoming more prevelant.

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