Clutter? What to do with all that 'Stuff"

If your goal is to de-clutter your home, starting a collectibles and antiques business is probably not the way to go about it.

Our house was stuffed with stuff. We had way too much stuff. We had stuff we didn't even know we had and stuff we never remembered getting in the first
place. We had stuff people had given us, stuff we'd inherited, stuff we didn't use or like anymore.

I said to myself, "Why don't I make some room and a few bucks by selling some of this stuff?" And so was born Kismet on Ruby Lane.

Keep it small, I told myself. Don't get crazy.

I should have known what would happen. It was, after all, summertime in New England, hog heaven for bargain hunters. Everywhere you look, there are yard
sales, flea markets, church bazaars. Soon I was searching for buried treasure at the "Everything Here 49 Cents" tables. I haunted the Salvation
Army, trying to look casual as I realized the old vase selling for a buck was 1940s Fenton.

Before I knew it, everything I had sold had been replaced twice over. I had to buy to keep my shop interesting, buy more to keep people coming back.
Worse, I found whole new categories of things to buy and soon new collections sprung up and my house again overflowed.

I didn't know I would enjoy my shop so much, but it has turned out to be more fun than I imagined possible. Best of all, I finally have a legitimate
reason to do that which I love most: Shop.

It's all in the wording. I am not spending money on stuff we don't need. I am a business woman. I am acquiring INVENTORY.

Today the house is more crowded than ever. The quality of our clutter is much higher and it is displayed with greater artistry.

And I'm happy. I have found my niche. I am in the clutter business. I do what I love. Who needs all that room anyway?

Marilyn Armstrong
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