Current Favorite Antique & Vintage Collectibles

We asked Ruby Lane shop owners to tell us what their current favorite antique or vintage collectible is, and why. We wanted to know what they were going crazy for lately. Here are the responses we received:


Church Street Station

Current favorite antique or vintage collectible: Antique and vintage clocks - I have been looking for my area or niche interest, and I have found it in repairing and refinishing clocks. I am at retirement age, and I want something to do in addition to employment, that I can pursue after I do fully retire.


Current favorite antique or vintage collectible: Antique Valentines - My current favorite vintage collectible is one devoted to Love. Valentines are reminders of how much people mean to each other, be it a dating couple, a long time married husband and wife, close friends or relatives. I enjoy the notes often found on the back of these missives of love. Old valentines are a reflection of the era in which they were made and often can be dated by the characters and scenes depicted on them. They come in a wide variety of themes and are a wonderful cross collectible.

Do you collect dogs, cats, bears, or dishes or kitchen utensils, how about dolls, sports memorabilia, cars or trucks, or records or musical instruments? Well, no doubt, all of the above, are found somewhere on a Valentine in my collection!!

Victoria’s Purrrrfect Treasures

Current favorite antique or vintage collectible: Victorian hair art

Carol's Collectibles

Current favorite antique or vintage collectible: I love paper items like paper dolls, valentines, paper doll cards, and magazines. I also like prints and ads from favorite brands like Campbell's and Jello. The magazines I love are ‘Woman's Home Companion’, ‘Collier's’, ‘Better Homes and Gardens’, and fashion magazines. I like the color ads that use well-known people from the past. I also like the fashion paper dolls that were famous people from the 1930's to the 1950's – Ester Williams, Judy Garland, and Doris Day are among my favorites. More favorites are hard plastic and composition dolls make in the USA.

Sugar’s Surprises

Current favorite antique or vintage collectible: bubble lights - Why? Because they are fun! I actually only discovered bubble lights a couple years ago when I found two replacement lights in a box of items bought blindly at a garage sale. Grab box buying is the most exciting way to do garage sales after all. When I researched them I found that I am not the only person with a bubble light fascination. And that is why they are also fun to sell!

Texas Trading Post

Current favorite antique or vintage collectible: Lately I have been binge-buying old sterling and silverplate souvenir spoons from the turn of the last
century. The figural ones are sooooo cute for stirring our coffee - they even look good in the sink! An
undiscovered treasure, widely available and inexpensive, these old spoons are a really good buy
right now.


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