Selling Online? What's Your Return Policy? Share Your Views With Us

If you’re selling online or plan to, you’ll want to be sure to decide what your site’s return policy will be. But do you really need a return policy? Statistics show that if you want to achieve success in the online marketplace, the simple answer is “yes”.

Instills Trust
Some sellers may say, “Sure, my return policy is: ‘All Sales Are Final’”. That’s not considered to be a return policy in today’s competitive marketplace. A return policy allows for returns in specified circumstances. It must be clear and very easy to find in advance of any purchase. A non-existent, vague or non-customer-friendly return policy is a serious deterrent to sales success.

Can’t See Or Touch The Item
Return policies aren’t just for the big retailers anymore. In the online marketplace, potential buyers cannot see or touch the item. They certainly can’t try it on. So why would someone risk purchasing an item online if they could not return it once they see it? The answer is that in most cases, they won’t.

A Return Policy Can Actually Save You Time and Money
Some people mistakenly fear that allowing returns on items will actually cost them money overall when in fact, the opposite is true. Not allowing someone to return an item they are truly unhappy with certainly lessens the possibility of them becoming a loyal, repeat customer. And it’s virtually impossible to achieve online sales success without a loyal customer base.

Step-By-Step Instructions
A detailed, well-written return policy protects both the buyer and the seller. Of course someone using an item for a year and then deciding to return it is out of the question for most retailers. So clearly stating the circumstances and period of time after which an item may no longer be returned, is necessary. And including step-by-step instructions for returning an item removes the guesswork for buyers and protects against loss of the item. Stating the terms and instructions on your site for buyers to see in advance of making a purchase, shows professionalism and allows for peace of mind for all.

Do you sell online? What’s your return policy? We invite you to share your comments on returns in the online e-commerce marketplace.

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