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The other day I broke out into song.  I wasn’t in a flash mob or anything like that, I was in my kitchen when my husband brought in the day’s mail.  Every month I get a full color photographic preview from an auction house named for that city in a southern state that got decimated in that hurricane a few years ago.  
I get auction preview notices from several auction houses around the country, and I can only infrequently go to the ones that are within 20 miles of me, so as usual my husband was getting ready to pitch it in the trash.  But I stopped him and grabbed this one out of his hands, and broke into song.  “I have a dream!  I have a dream!”*  The stuff in these brochures is more than eye candy, they seem to get the most unique, beautiful, fantastic things, and use top notch photographers and publishers to make up the brochures, and I never cease to gasp in admiration when the new one arrives.
So like most everyone, I have the typical dream of a sudden, huge, monetary windfall, leading to a fabulous house, an extended trip to Bora Bora, and a snazzy little red sports car, but a very detailed part of that fantasy is to go to one of these monthly auctions in this southern city and be able to buy one thing of my choice.  To keep.  (This month it would be Newcomb Pottery vases, they are stunning.)
I will keep buying lottery tickets occasionally and maybe one day it will be reality, but even knowing that it will probably never happen, I feel that expansion inside my ribcage on a certain day each month when the mail arrives, and I peruse the brochure to choose my favorite for that month.
*”I Have A Dream” is a song from the recent movie “Tangled”.  Even if you are not a 6-year-old wanna-be princess, or parent or grandparent to one, you need to see this movie.  I have taken my daughter to see this movie twice, and my husband has taken her twice, and we have all been together once.  While my daughter quite enjoys these outings, the repetitive visits have not been at her behest, but at either mine or my husband’s request.  This particular song in the movie happens when Rapunzel ends up in a tavern full of motley thugs, and always leaves me feeling inspired.  If you do not have a 6-year-old wannabe princess you can borrow as cover to go see the movie, hold your head up high and go see it anyway.  Or rent the DVD when it comes out, the movie is extremely well done, and everyone should be able to find at least one thing in it that brings an honest and real smile.  Or leads you to break out in song.
By Diana Behlmar
Past Hence

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