What is Micro Mosaic Vintage Jewelry?

I hope all of our Ruby Lane Shop owners had a wonderful Holiday Season. It was good to have a break but it is always good to get back to business. Our business has been a little slow but is now starting to pick up again. I am still working on Lucy who I introduced you all to in my Decembers blog, with her many pins and brooches. I’m researching the background of each brooch and pin and I look at each one as a painting done by an artist. Most brooches have been designed by jewelry artists.

Now we get to the blog title, what is Mosaic Jewelry? Mosaic jewelry glass was developed by Alessio Mattioli in the 18th century. It was called the “Smalti Filati Technique”, which made it possible to design and make miniature mosaics with glass tiles. These small glass tiles were designed, shaped and fitted together, somewhat like a jig saw puzzle to produce a unique design. The older the mosaic piece is the smaller and more intricate the mosaic jewelry was, like the old shoe pin shown in the picture.

When the birth of the Industrial Age dawned and labor became more expensive, the pieces with larger tiles became more common. The larger tile pieces are called Mosaics. The term Micro refers to the very early examples with miniature tiles. The term Mosaics refers to a piece of jewelry made with a multitude of small pieces of multico

Micro Mosaics is the earliest type of mosaic jewelry, this is similar to mosaic, but the difference is the size of the glass tiles. Micro tiles are so tiny sometimes thousands of the tiny tiles were painstakingly hand assembled and placed into a design or picture.

The value of Micro Mosaic and Mosaic jewelry is determined by condition, size and how intricately and precise the work is done. Some tiles are the size of a needle tip and they all merged into one design. The tiniest tile pieces command the highest price. Some could be worth into the thousands of dollars. So get your treasure hunter suits on and start looking for Micro Mosaic and Mosaic jewelry while you are all on your treasure hunts. Who knows you could fine one piece worth maybe a thousand dollars.

In closing here’s a tip for cleaning your Mosaic jewelry. Clean your jewelry in warm water with a drop of dish soap. Brush with an old tooth brush for about 10 seconds, rinse and wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Bless You All and have a great January selling on Ruby Lane.

Sandra Compton of Ruby Lane Shop – Uniquely Yours


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