Past Hence: Letting Go

I just sold a beautiful anniversary special edition Fenton epergne.  I should be pleased, and I am, but I also have a hollow feeling.  As soon as I saw it would sell, the first thing I said was “Woo-hoo!”, and then an instant later, “I should have kept that one.”  I know I can’t keep everything  (no matter how hard I seem to try), because I just do not have room for it all, and what is the point if it has to stay stored away in a box because of lack of space?  I do keep some things that I really like for a little while before selling  them, but this piece was just too big to do that.
So I put it up for sale.  In a few years, the value on this signed, no longer available art glass will be worth a lot more money than it sold for today, so it will be a good investment for the buyer.  And I soothe myself by knowing that someone else may appreciate it even more than I, and they will have a perfect place to display it where they, and others, can admire it every day. But I will miss it.  I am having trouble letting go, but such is life, things come and things go.

I can keep the picture and when I look at it, I can say, “For a time, that was mine.”  Ah, well, waxing poetic won’t change anything, and I will find good use for the money it brought to me.  I still wish I had kept the Swarovski Tropical Fish I sold a few years ago, but so far I have managed to survive without them, and the customers who bought them are extremely happy.  They say to buy the things you like, I am sometimes just a little taken aback by how much I may like something, particularly after it has already been sold.  I do have my collections of smaller items that I keep, like my vintage Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Toilet Water bottle that I spent the time photographing and writing a description for before rescuing it to be mine for keeps.  Or at least until I am ready to let it go.

My husband will just have to put up another shelf for my recently acquired Beswick horses, because I anticipate a great sense of loss if I list all of them.  Most things I have no problem with selling and shipping out, but there are some things that I do get emotionally attached to.  I just wish I would realize this before I have already sold them.

By Diana Behlmar
Past Hence

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