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Last year, my only New Year’s resolution was No Excuses. It worked. Not only did it keep me from kidding myself when I tried to squeeze out of tight rationalizations, I also acquired a cool blank stare when others explained themselves. I often felt tempted to respond to those offering their good excuses with an ‘Oh?’ Excuses are a time-waster. Better to have spent the time handling the situation initially than explaining it later. Plus, politiely smiling and nodding while uttering “I understand” through clenched teeth is exhausting. And looking in the mirror after trying to fool oneself…well, never mind.

As is typical for me during the holiday season, I unwind the past year, look at it, and before ritualistically rolling it back up, make a new goal. As I sit here with the mulling spices simmering and candles flickering various intensities of illumination, I’m comfortable. Do I really need the hard challenge of more self-improvement? Aren’t I perfect already? I’m cozy nestled inside this skin.

Out of nowhere, three words from a play I once read, pop into my head. “Move. Just move.” Where did that come from! In an era where we’re preached to about simplifying our lives, slowing down, meditating, I should ‘move?’ That’s a worthy goal? Ridiculous.

I think it over. Yes, of course! One step can be revolutionary. It can rejuvenate a hibernating imagination. It can manufacture energy, that wonderful life force. So many of my moves are automatic, predictable, empty, safe, boring and emit the low hum of mindlessness. To intentionally choose risk over predictability.… Wow. Now, that’s big. Inertia, fear, procrastination, laziness can taunt me all they want with their excuse-clinging girdles…that’s it; I’m going with Move in 2011. I’m going to step toward the enticingly unfamiliar in work, play, and love. I choose the invigorating promise of Move.

Lynne Green
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