Springbeads: The Folklore of Stones

It is widely believed that stones hold different properties that promote success, love, happiness and health as well as many other benefits. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the benefits of some these stones.


The folk name is Amazon Stone. Its benefits are success in gambling and it is used by anyone who is taking a chance to ensure success.


The benefits of garnet stones are healing, protection and strength. It was believed it could repel insects. The garnet is used for protective purposes to shield any negative energies.


The benefits of jasper stones are healing, protection, health and beauty. Jasper is found in a range of colors - brown, red and green. It was believed that red jasper was a protective stone and it also promoted beauty and grace.


The powers of this stone is used for courage, money, love, friendship, healing and luck.

Turquoise stones are protective and were used in rituals. The Navajo would ground the turquoise and coral to create a sand painting to bring rain. The Navajo wore the turquoise to protect them against disease, poison, violence, serpents and accidents. When this stone is worn it promotes courage. Turquoise is also used in money-attracting spells.

The turquoise stone is lucky and is carried or worn to attract good fortune. Turquoise has always been admired for its beautiful color and magical properties.


The obsidian stone is lava that has cooled and because it cooled so fast the minerals within it didn't have time to form. It is a natuarally occurring glass.

The Aztecs would make flat, square mirrors from this black glass for use in their rituals. It was also used to make knives and arrowheads.

For magical uses the powers of this stone is used for protection, peace, grounding, luck and success.

Energy:  Projective

Planet:  Saturn

Element:  Fire

The obsidian stones come in every shape and size. Faceted obsidian beads have a beautiful mirror reflection on the polished beads.

This is just a few of the many stones that are represented in the folklore of stones. I will be continuing to write on this subject in uncoming submissions.

Sherry Spring




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