Springbeads: "I am just trying to make a living..."

I am just trying to make a living......that's what I heard a lady say at a craft show. I stood there listening (more like eaves dropping) to this lady complaining about the lack of sales and the "type" of people that come to craft shows. I was shocked, no wonder she wasn't selling anything. I stepped back from her table,she didn't acknowledge me or even noticed that I was standing there.

Customer service is a major part of selling your wares. It doesn't matter what you sell or how you have your items price, you are an extension of your product. I worked in customer service for a major airline for years, if I treated our passengers in that manner I would have been fired. Sometimes I think we forget it is not just our products we are selling, but ourselves too. We all know the saying about first impressions and putting your best foot forward. We all have bad days, but leave it at home, don't take it to your work.

Customer service is to enhance the level of customer satisfaction on the product, so your customer leaves with a overall feeling of satisfaction and confidence with the product that they purchased. We are suppose to make our customers feel that they have our attention and we give them all the attention that they require in person or on the internet. With years of experience in customer service, I have learned that a smile and a positive attitude goes a long way and to listen to the customers. When selling online, it is very important to keep your customers up to date with their purchases with emails. Thanking them for visiting your shop and the purchases they made, when the package was sent and the amount of time it could take for them to receive it. Stay on top of it only takes about 10 minutes. Doing this, a lot of my customers have become my friends.

Sherry E. Spring

Sherry Spring is the owner of Springbeads. Sherry is a retired military wife who loves to collect beads. Springbeads sells Czech glass beads in all shape and sizes.

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