Treasured-Delights: A Bead Trip

I was looking for something in my craft room earlier today and came across a bag of beads from a trip my friend and I recently went on. Okay…we live in Florida, but we didn’t go to the beach…we did what anyone with an addiction does…we indulged ourselves by going on a beading trip! We signed up for a wire class, which was fun, but what we really were looking forward to were the shops and distributors.

One of our locations was a warehouse…my goodness I about passed out. I’ve never seen so many beads in one place. I think I just stood in the doorway with my mouth open for a full minute before I composed myself enough to start going up and down the rows and rows of beads. Talk about sensory over-load!!! I saw beads I’ve never seen in any of the shops we went to near home. I saw beads I’ve never seen on line or in catalogs. It was really unbelievable.

We had decided in advance that we would visit all the places first and see what was available and do some price comparisons and then the next day go back. So glad we did, because some of the places we thought would be great turned out to be duds, and some were good, but priced too high.

After a great dinner, and good night of rest, we were up and out by 9:00 a.m. We ended up going to one distributor and one large warehouse that sold retail and wholesale. I had been looking for Fluroite beads and nuggets everywhere, even on line and couldn’t find them, but I found them on my trip…that’s the bag I found this morning. My other really great find was dyed sponge coral beads. I didn’t even know that beads were made using sponge coral. I’ve already made two necklaces from those beads, which I’ve already listed in my Ruby Plaza shop.

Marie Pierce

Ruby Plaza Shop: Treasured-Delights

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