Past Hence: Maximizing Sales for the Season

Timing To Sell

I don’t know what it is about September, but after the slow summer months, online sales start to pick up.  Perhaps it is the turning of the leaves that signals the approaching cold weather that says pick up your toys and come inside to huddle in the warm cave for the winter.   It could be that the kids are off to school so parents have more free time to search the net.  Or maybe it is just that there are so many festive holidays packed into the last quarter of the year.  Whatever the reason, we all eagerly anticipate more sales, and timing and inventory can make all the difference in maximizing sales.


By now, any Halloween items should already be out there, Halloween sales will start to fizzle by mid October.   People shopping online will be looking early to allow extra time for an item to be shipped to them.  (At least we hope so!)   But there are other upcoming events that it is not too late to get in on the action.


Like the sport  or not (how could one not???), it has a long season with a lot of opportunity for sales:  team jerseys and other team souvenirs both college and NFL, handcrafted pom-poms or flags in team colors for game day, fleece throws, sweaters, hoodies, coats, thermal underwear, boots, warm gloves, hats, socks and scarves, chip and dip bowl sets and other game day party needs all can be marketed for the next few months, particularly in December/early January for Playoffs.  One of my favorite handcrafted items I have purchased is a piece of foam the size of a brick with your favorite team’s material sewn over it.  My team is the Miami Dolphins, therefore we have a lot of reasons to be throwing that brick at the TV.


he beginning of October is the time to make sure you have listed any china, tableware, serving platters, bowls, tureens, spoons, silverware and carving knives, tablecloths and other table linens, turkey platters, centerpiece décor, candlesticks, or even that festive fall wreath for the front door.   And these items will be hot through December while folks are planning get-togethers for Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve, although the color palette may change.  And don’t forget the gold jewelry, or other jewelry with fall colors.  If you have any red, white and blue jewels, they can also be marketed for Veteran’s Day wear, but would need to be listed by mid to late October.  And I don’t know what it is about the season, perhaps the limited daylight and people have to spend more time indoors, but I find that needlepoint craft kits seem to do well for the late fall months.

Christmas & Hanukkah

While much Christmas stuff sells year round, a lot of prices realized will be a bit higher around the holidays, particularly in the collectibles category.  To optimize the most sales, ideally you want to have all your Christmas and Hanukkah stuff listed by the beginning of November.  While this includes décor, ornaments, menorahs, and all the other obvious things, don’t forget the cocktail glasses and little black dresses and fancy purses and jewelry for the parties.  And of course, the gifts!  Teacher supplies, baked goods, perfume, fancy lotions and bath oil, kid’s toys and games, electronics, books, calendars, almost anything goes!  List the champagne glasses and party ware and wear, as New Year’s sneaks up on the heels of Christmas.
Get ready for the frenetic holiday pace as you have to coordinate your own social and tradition plans but with an extra twist of listing, keeping inventory organized, and constant wrapping and packing.  Keep in mind that shipping carriers will be extra busy too, so allow as much time as possible for shipping times.  Parcel Post could possibly get there in a few days, but there are no guarantees that it won’t take two weeks.  If you plan it right, you will be utterly exhausted, but the benefit is that you may be flush in the pocket to take your turn to shop during the lower prices offered post-holiday.  As for the exhaustion?  You will have plenty of time to rest in the s-l-o-w sales months that start with the New Year.

By Past Hence
Diana Behlmar              

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