Vixen's Vintage Venue: Opening My Ruby Plaza Store

I recently finished up a five year tour as a combat medic in the U.S. Army. I never thought getting back on my feet so to speak would be so difficult. I had this idea in my head that everyone would want to hire a Veteran, and I didn’t take into account my disabilities. While in the service I had three ankle surgeries making it hard to stand for longer than 20 minutes, and I also was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I couldn’t find work, especially while receiving treatment for PTSD. It was also just hard to adjust to civilian life after Military life.

My mom has had a store on Ruby Lane for a few years and just opened one on Ruby Plaza, and she suggested that I start my own, since I have a love for all things vintage. I juggled with the idea, but I wanted so bad to just have a “normal” job and live a “normal” life. I got married in March to another Army medic and got stationed at Fort Polk, La. Let me tell you, there is nothing here. I definitely couldn’t find a job, but I did start treatment five days a week for my PTSD.

This month my mom and dad came to visit and I have spent a lot of time looking at my mom’s stores and learning about all the different vintage jewelry, and what to look for. I have had so much fun looking through the many boxes my mom has full of the most beautiful and one of a kind items. I definitely found my calling. I definitely discovered that I love classy jewelry with a little bit of a funky twist. Everything from the 1940’s-1960’s. I think I should have been a flower child.

All in all, I think that finding the jewelry and organizing, and photographing it, and listing it, has been very therapeutic to me. I have definitely found my calling. I hope that my store is a success, and that I can find some amazing pieces around here down in the swamplands. I hope to bring a new twist to the classics.

Debi Badillo of Vixen's Vintage Venue

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