The Loft Antiques: Searching for Treasures...Is There a Trip in Store?

After a long hot spell (That sounds like something my Grandmother would have said), we've had a break in the temperatures and have enjoyed some days that "almost" makes us think that Autumn is upon us! Although we more than likely have several more weeks of summertime like readings on the thermometer, it has given us hope that it won't be long until we are hearing the rustling of leaves as they make their falling departure from the trees, and perhaps even roasting marshmallows at a fall celebration somewhere! And I don't know about you, but that makes me want to go treasure hunting!!! I know that the October Antique shows in Nashville are just around the bend, and yet I want to get in the car and go somewhere now!

As a former teacher, after they changed the yearly school calendars and added in a Fall Break, it gave us a new reason to go somewhere. Ok, so I've been retired now for five years, but hey, I still love Fall Break, so I'm thinking about how I can validate taking a vacation. Wah-lah.....I have an online business, so I have to buy don't I?? Plus, I haven't been to see my sister in months! So what if it takes me 8 hours or more to make a 5 hour trip! Some of my favorite shopping places just happen to be along the way, and I have new customers with different interests than I was buying for last trip, so that means I probably will have to try out some new places!

Once I get to my destination, and visit for a bit, it will be time to see what's been added in the large town where my sister lives. She tells me one of my best places to buy in the past has closed!!! But surely all those dealers in that marvelous store didn't just quit selling, so we'll be checking out the newly opened, clean and organized antique mall in town. Plus, who knows what estate sale we might pass along the way, or maybe even a yard sale or two! I'm bad about not going to garage sales where I live, but when I visit another town, it's a fun thing to do...maybe it's because my sister loves getting a bargain too! Shopping with someone who loves the same things you do puts a whole new perspective on things. I'll just have to make sure I see it first!

Ok, back to reality. For now, I have 4 packages that need to be mailed today, so I'm headed for the Post Office. I will have to say, too, that one of the exciting things about this time of year if you are a seller, is that sales are picking up! As more than one shop owner has mentioned in other blogs, summer months are predictably some of the slower months for online sales. But hey, the months to come often more than make up for any lack of sales we didn't have in the summer when no one wanted to be sitting at a computer! There's Christmas shopping to be done, Thanksgiving meals to be prepared and homes to be decorated for the upcoming seasonal events! It just adds a spark to the excitement of many, and enough of a dread about shopping for gifts for some, that many want to get their shopping done us!!

If you had asked me a week ago if I needed certain things for my shop, I would have no, but the last week of sales has depleted many items that lots of my return buyers will be looking for. So for me, it's off on another shopping adventure very soon...I can just feel it in my bones! I've seen the YouTube videos that Ruby Lane has added with folks buying at Brimfield, and other advertisements, and I want a part of the action too! You're welcome to join me in planning a buying trip, but we "just might" want to shop at different places for goodies to add to our inventory, so I won't tell you where I'm going, and you can keep your destination a secret to!

Happy Fall Break Everyone! And if you want to shop, but can't take off right now, how about taking a look in my two shops! I'll be adding new merchandise until I leave, and again when I return, so there should be plenty for everyone! And if there's something you're looking for in particular and don't see it, don't ever hate to ask the sellers on Ruby Lane and at Ruby Plaza to do the hunting for you....We love it!

Until next time, it's Marsha from

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