Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day: Fall's Avenue Collectibles

Ruby Plaza Shop: Falls Avenue Collectibles

Owners Name: Rita Zappitelli

A little introduction: A collector and history buff since my teens, I've always been lost in the past. Some would say I live there, but I pay no mind. I'll pass up the latest movie to watch Casablanca for the 20th time and my childhood memories are filled with I Love Lucy reruns, we laughed til we cried! I live in Niagara Falls, never tire of books or prowling to fill my shops and absolutely adore Caribbean cruises.

Favorite item in your shop? The 1950's coral pink organza party dress. Even though it depresses me because I can't get the darn zipper past my waist, it still immediately brings to mind those wonderful movies from Hollywood's Golden Age and how beautiful the women always looked.

What got you started selling online? I started selling online in 2007, when I first attended auctions to furnish the 1919 bungalow we had just bought. Period pieces proved hard to come by, but I kept seeing other great items I knew buyers would love. Today, our home is a little on the bare side but my shops (and closets) are crammed and my husband wants to know why we still don't have a coffee table in the parlor.

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